The University of Rhode Island’s Student Senate failed to pass a bill calling for a referendum on issues regarding student pay during this week’s meeting.

This bill failed 7-10, with seven senators abstaining. The bill would poll the student body on the issue of student pay and hire a specific administrator to address the inequity of student pay and work study.

“There’s no place to go to complain about student payroll,” Senator Ryan Menard said. “No one knows which department has it.”

This was met with opposition from senators, as there was confusion over the logistics of the bill.

“I’m confused as to why we would hire an additional person, which would be an additional cost to the students,” said Senator Austin Vutech.

Another bill calling for a referendum that would poll the student opinion on increasing the Club Sports and Intramural Council (CSIC) tax appropriation was passed. This bill would be calling for a $16 increase in the student services fee. Representatives from CSIC that spoke during the meeting said that it has become harder for CSIC sports to compete with other schools that have increased their budgets every year and are able to renew their equipment.

A bill calling for the ratification and support of the iStand Initiative: Bystander Awareness Student Training Agreement by the Senate was passed. Keith Labelle, assistant director of BASTA, spoke during the public forum at the meeting.

“It is on all of us to stop sexual violence,” said Labelle.

Vice President Tristram Howard spoke during the public forum to announce his write-in campaign for the presidency of the Student Senate.

A bill calling for recognition of URI Triathlon Club as a recognized student organization passed. Another bill calling for recognition of the Muslim Students Organization as a recognized student organization was also passed.

President Adriana Wilding mentioned during her president’s report that in the University of Rhode Island’s Faculty Senate meeting, a motion was passed to revisit the 2020-2021 academic calendar regarding Election Day.

“It could be revised to have both Elections Day and Veterans Day off,” said Wilding.

During liaison reports, Menard, who acts as the dining liaison, said that the Astros station in Mainfare will be open from 9 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. starting after St. Patrick’s Day. Menard also said that there will be two new combo meal plans.

During the general discussion, Menard discussed the failure of the bill regarding student pay.

“We’ve created a committee to solve an issue and every time we’ve done something it has failed,” said Menard. “Every single time I bring something forward it isn’t received well.”