The University of Rhode Island’s Student Senate on Wednesday night spoke about re-recognition of clubs that are to be voted on next week.

Bills calling for recognition of six clubs as student organizations are to be voted on next week. Included in this list were Kin Club, URI Neuroscience Club and Middle Eastern Student Association.

Kin Club is an organized group for Kinesiology majors and other students interested in the field where students can ask each other questions and share experiences with each other regarding academics and the career field.

URI Neuroscience Club is an organization with the purpose to introduce, explore and discuss Neuroscience and topics thereof with students of the University.

A bill calling for a contingency grant approval out of Senate apportionment for the installment of CampusLabs software using relevant funding is vote next week.

Senator Austin Vutech, who serves as the College of Business Liaison, said that he was working on the water issue in the business building during his liaison report.

“We might organize a protest,” said Vutech.

During the report of the Elections Committee, Cultural Affairs Committee Chair Jennifer Kohl said that the voter turnout on Wednesday was “awesome.”

Senator Ryan Menard, who serves as the dining liaison, said that there is now almond milk in Rhody Market. Menard also said that there were talks of getting more food than just pizza at Rhody Market.