If you have ever listened to a podcast you will know that it feels like hanging out with a bunch of friends. Granted, these friends can’t hear you and probably don’t even know you exist. But nonetheless, listening can be just the right pick me up if all your real life friends are busy. Here are some of my favorite podcasts to listen to while driving, showering, working, falling asleep and more.

“My Favorite Murder”

Hosts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark met at a Halloween party in 2014. They quickly bonded over an interest in car accidents, hostage situations, murders and all things true crime, kickstarting a friendship that would evolve to produce the “My Favorite Murder” podcast in 2016. Billed as a “True Crime/Comedy Podcast,” the hosts are the first to admit, at the start of every live show, that “we know some of [the audience] may think that comedy and true crime don’t go together, and may be offensive, but actually they run parallel,” Kilgariff has said each podcast. Kilgariff makes it clear that, “Murder is not funny, but life is shit and sometimes you just have to laugh.”

This podcast, and the resulting fangroup, labeled the “murderinos,” has made great strides in the way of destigmatizing not only interest in true crime, but also things like mental health disorders and drug addictions. The Atlantic’s article, “How a True Crime Podcast became a Mental Health Support Group” makes note of the fact that, “murder is not instinctively soothing subject matter, but for many listeners, the podcast has opened the door to a virtual support group. On Facebook, a community of more than 100,000 fans—largely female—not only nurture each other’s enthusiasm for the taboo topic of serial killers, they follow the examples of their hosts and openly discuss their own mental-health issues.”

So please, don’t be scared away by the title thinking it’s a podcast for psychopaths.

Release Dates: Thursdays (regular Episodes) Mondays (Mini Episodes)

“Comedy Bang! Bang!”

“Mr. Show” alum Scott Aukerman, hosts this improvised weekly podcast. As, “a show where [Aukerman] talks to interesting people,” the show is formatted to resemble a talk show. Aukerman often brings on a real guest to promote whatever movie, live show or book they want to promote, followed by improvisors from all over playing characters. Characters include “Big Chunky Bubbles” (Paul F. Thompkins), a children’s entertainer who hosts a bubble show, but instead of using soapy water he uses scalding hot soup, preferably chunky soup, hence the name. There is “Rudi North” (Shaun Diston) who is, according to the “Comedy Bang! Bang!” wiki, “self-described dirtbag who used to drive for Postmates.” He has penchant for punching people in the throat, and using the distraction to life swap with them. He is also an immortal being, but he never seems to have time to get into the full backstory as he has to explain his life swapping premise.

The long and the short of it is that it is a lowbrow comedy podcast that’s good for countless laughs at the sheer absurdity of the ideas that pop into the performers minds at any moment.

Release Dates: Mondays

“Behind the Bastards”

Former Editorial Manager at Cracked, author of “A (Brief) History of Vice,” and conflict Journalist who has covered the civil war in Ukraine hosts a podcast about all of history’s worst monsters. From L. Ron Hubbard to George Lincoln Rockwell (the man who literally coined the terms “Neo Nazi” and “White Power” to describe himself and his own beliefs), Evans explains their backstory and legacy in an attempt to expose that legacy. ‘Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it,’ seems to be the underlying sentiment of the show. And just so the constant barrage of horrible details on the birth of the American Nazi party, or Hitler’s sex life, or worse, doesn’t become so depressing you have to shut it off and take a nap for the rest of the day, Evans, and his guests, inject comedy into the storyline. In a similar way the “My Favorite Murder” hosts just have to laugh at the darkness to cope, Evans just has to laugh at the sheer amount of evil in the world while not making light, of course, of the effect it has on its victims.

Release Dates: Tuesdays and Thursdays