Spring has descended upon us, the sun is shining and serotonin levels are rising. With these nice environmental factors playing into our overall happiness, I have thought of new ways to make yourselves occupied around campus during these last few weeks of school this spring!

  1. Make a friend who lives in a balcony room in the sophomore slums. Grab a chair, pour some water into a nice glass (hydration is key!) and settle back for an afternoon of people watching, chatting off your new friend’s ear and a pretty sunset.
  2. Learn how to skateboard. Maybe it’s the comforting rumble of a skateboard’s wheels on pavement or maybe it’s because I vicariously live through others and think that it looks like fun, but being able to skateboard seems super cool. This activity is perfect if you’re a masochists because I’ve heard that learning how to skate is filled with blood, sweat and tears (literally).
  3. Everyone has a hot RA, go talk to yours! Ask them a question that you probably know the answer to or ask them for toilet paper – what’s more romantic than asking for toilet paper? I have yet to find out.  
  4. Spend an entire day in a dining hall. The dining hall has everything you could ever wish for: food, coffee, bathrooms and tea being spilled by the workers. I don’t condone skipping classes, however, if you have a free day I really want to hear about someone doing this.
  5. Write cryptic notes to your friends such as, “This is a warning, not advice: the ice cream at Butterfield may be hallucinogenic.” Then, staple these notes to pieces of bread you take from the dining hall. Silently slide the stapled slice-of-bread-note under your friends door and wait until they find it.