Tucked away at the back of the local convenience store, Kingston Mart is a new addition to the Emporium’s already broad menu. Recently, Kingston Mart has begun expanding its business model from just selling chips, sodas and cigarettes to food as well. And I gotta tell you, they are nailing it.

The star dish of the menu, in my opinion, is the Lamb Tikka Kebab. I’m eating it right now as I write this review, in fact. It is served over yellow basmati rice with a side of green and black olives, lettuce and tomatoes. It is simply to die for, especially if you are a fan of Mediterranean cuisine who is starved for more places to get it, like I am. I mean, where else within walking distance from URI can you get lamb? I’m going to bet not many. Or any for that matter.

What is unfortunate about this restaurant is not its food, by any stretch of the imagination, nor is it the environment. It looks like any other fast food place in the Emporium does, but cleaner, being as how it’s so new.

No, what truly is unfortunate is how empty it is. I have never had to wait in line, nor have I had to wait for a table to become available. In fact, I haven’t seen a single person there other than myself and the friend who introduced me. And that’s a shame. The food is too good for it not to be eaten by throngs of people.

I just think it is empty simply because no one knows it’s there. But, and I cannot stress this enough, they should. I just hope it doesn’t get so popular and crowded that I regret telling you all.