By Nick Marotta, Student Senate President.

In effect for fall of 2019, an alternative parking plan will be implemented at URI. Rather than purchasing the standard two hundred dollar yearly commuter permit, a new option of carpool permitting will be available for students. This new permit can be shared with a minimum of two, and a maximum of four, people. The cost of this new permit will be $200, which will be split amongst the people sharing the same collective permit. All of the license plates for the vehicles registered under this permit will be valid, however, only one car is permitted on campus during the designated hours at a time. In the event of a scheduling conflict with your carpool partners, several free day-passes will be issued so multiple cars can park on campus at a time. Students who are taking part in this plan will be rewarded by having access to “priority parking spaces” in the commuter lots. This new and exciting plan will save students at URI money, increase parking availability on campus, as well as significantly reduce the University’s overall carbon footprint. The more people who sign up for this plan, the larger the impact it will have on our campus. Further details can be found at

Spread the word and be a part of the parking solution!