URI students talk memories they have from being 90’s kids

The hype around being a ‘90s kid is one that defines a generation of those who grew up in a simpler, more magical time period when some of the best movies, tv programs, games and snacks evolved.

The general consensus of current adults born in the ‘90s describe being a ‘90s kid is a blessing. Being born in 1998, I may be slightly biased towards believing that being born in the 90’s and growing up in the 2000s were some of the best years, when computers were still slow, dingy and buzzed when you turned them on, when imaginations ran rampant, and before President Donald Trump guest starred on “Sex and the City” instead of in the Oval Office.

While myself and most of my peers were born between 1996-1999, we can still define ourselves as being ‘90s kids despite being too young to remember the decade in and of itself. Therefore, many of the defining ‘90’s aspects stem from products, games, snack and movies or tv shows from the 2000’s.

“You can’t have the ‘90s without the early 2000s,” Sophomore Christie Swanson said.

Sophomore Maddie Cooprider said that some of the memories she has of what defined her childhood center around games, movies and snacks.

“Renting movies from Blockbuster, Lite Brites, and MP3 players specifically playing ‘All Star’ really define growing up as a 90’s kid to me,” Cooprider said. “I also have fond memories of memorizing your childhood best friends phone numbers, wearing butterfly hair clips and Bobby Jack, and using those scooters we used in gym class to play sharks and minnows. I’m crying from nostalgia.”

Students born in the ‘90’s agreed that a lot of the movies and tv shows that were debuting during the ‘90’s and early 2000’s were impactful to them growing up. According to Cooprider and sophomore Jared Steiger, some of these include “Full House,” “Kim Possible,” “Drake and Josh,” “Spongebob” and “The Amanda Show.”

Sophomore Erez Davidson recalled a range of memories that defined the ‘90’s to him.  “To me being a ‘90s kid means you know the games and shows that defined the 90’s like OG Cartoon Network and Power Rangers,” Davidson said. “I was born in ‘98 but I still know a bunch of the stuff that ‘90s kids got to enjoy. Also, those huge ass Dell computers. Also, don’t forget the colors of the ‘90s, bright blue and yellow and sometimes red.”

Jack Piscitelli recollects playing games throughout his childhood, including Super Smash Bros, Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Avatar the Last Airbender and Teen Titans. “That’s the 90’s right there,” Piscitelli said.

While every students has differing memories that defined their childhood, students that fall under the stipulations of being ‘90’s kid can all agree on one fact: being born in the ‘90’s is the best decade to have been born into.