For the majority of freshmen, course selection time is right around the corner! Students are scrambling to enroll in classes, schedule appointments with their advisor and find general education courses that will fulfill the outcomes that are needed. 

Forty total gen-ed credits are required for all University of Rhode Island students and there are 13 different gen-ed outcomes that must be completed. However, some courses fulfill multiple outcomes. The 13 different gen-ed outcomes needed can be found on every major’s online curriculum worksheet. 

One strategy to find gen eds is to log in to eCampus, select ‘My Academics,’ and then select ‘Search.’ You will be met with a search filter that allows you to find a list of classes that meet the specific gen-ed outcomes at the bottom of the page. 

The URI course catalog is also helpful to students that are looking for course descriptions and trying to determine if the course they are interested in taking fulfills a needed gen-ed outcome. 

A gen-ed fair was held on Oct. 23 in the Memorial Union Ballroom and offered information regarding each of the 13 gen-ed outcomes required. 

When selecting courses, students typically lean towards ones that would be most enjoyable. The following are easy and fun gen eds that will fulfill each of those outcomes. 

Some students suggest certain gen-ed courses that meet specific gen-ed outcomes without being considered rigorous. For example, CMB 190 is said to be one of the easiest gen eds to fulfill the A1: STEM gen-ed outcome. It gives students an introduction to biotechnology in medical and environmental fields. 

One of the courses that fulfills the A2: Social and Behavioral Science gen-ed outcome is PSY 113. This course is an introduction to psychology and is ideal to be taken by psychology majors or anyone interested in learning about the principles of human behavior. 

To fulfill the A3: Humanities outcome, ENG 105 is one of the easier courses to take. In this course, students are introduced to creative writing in a variety of genres, including fiction or poetry. 

Additionally, THE 100 is said to be the ideal gen ed to fulfill the A4: Arts and Design outcome. THE 100 gives students an introduction to the arts of theatre, acting and set design. Students learn to enjoy and appreciate the art of theatre in a supportive environment. 

A course that fulfills the B1: Written Communications gen-ed outcome is ENG 243, which is ‘The Short Story.’ In this class, students study 19th century and modern short stories. Students learn how to analyze and do close readings,, focusing on character development and literary concepts. 

COM 100, is one of the most common courses students take to fulfill their B2: Communicate Effectively gen-ed outcome. The course is said to be the easiest and most beneficial. This course is an introduction to communications that teaches students to become more comfortable with public speaking and develop strategies to communicate effectively.

One of the easier courses that applies to the B3: Mathematical, Statistical and Computational Literacy gen-ed outcome is STA 220. It is an introductory statistics course where students develop a better understanding towards data and probability. 

A preferred gen ed from the B4: Information Literacy gen-ed outcome is WRT 104. The course focuses on the creative art of writing. It introduces students to different strategies and genres of writing they can select to work on for badges they can earn to go towards their final grade, making it easier to achieve an A.

One of the courses that students enjoy that fulfills the C1: Civic Knowledge and Responsibility gen-ed outcome is HIS 141. This course focuses on U.S. history up to 1877 and studies up to the Civil War and Reconstruction. 

  FLM 101: Introduction to Film Media is a gen-ed that fulfills the C2:Civic Knowledge and Responsibility outcome. This course is ideal for film majors or anyone else interested in film just in general. The class provides an introduction to film techniques, analyzing films and studying film history. 

Numerous students have explained that MUS 105: History of Rock and Roll is one of the easiest and most enjoyable gen eds they have taken. This course fulfills the C3:Diversity and Inclusion outcome. The course studies the development of rock and roll up to the modern era.

Although students may know which courses they need to take or want to take, it is always recommended to meet with the appropriate academic adviser before enrolling, in order to ensure students meet all the necessary graduation requirements.