During this week’s meeting, the Student Senate addressed projects by the Campus Affairs Committee, introduced a new bill and swore in two new representatives.

The Campus Affairs Committee informed the Senate this week about progress being made regarding incorporating motorized scooters on campus. According to Campus Affairs Chairman Michael Bentley, there have been 64 responses so far to a survey asking for the student body’s opinion on having motorized scooters on campus.

“I would like [the number of responses] to be higher,” Bentley said. “For the most part, the responses have been pretty positive.”

The link to this survey is on the University of Rhode Island Student Senate’s Instagram, @rhodysenate. 

For the most part, the concerns are relatively similar, according to Bentley.

“People are worried about vandalism and misuse of the scooters,” Bentley said. “There have also been points brought about whether or not it’s even smart to spend money on them.”

Bentley also discussed the progress being made on the bill to allow for menstrual products in certain bathrooms in the Memorial Union. According to Bentley, the Senate had been reaching out to companies that make menstrual products. More information on this bill will be available at a later date.

The Instruments Committee brought a bill to the floor tonight to amend the Student Senate constitution. The main purpose of this bill is to “dissolve the Instruments Committee as a permanent committee,” according to Instruments Committee Chairman Christopher Bove.

“I believe [the Instruments Committee’s] work as a permanent committee is finally over,” Bove said. 

The bill will be voted on next month.

President Austyn Ramsay introduced a young adult task force she has been working on during her report at the meeting.

“For the past four to five months I have been working on a young adult task force in Rhode Island,” Ramsay said. “I have been the sole representative of URI along with a couple of other people.” 

The objective of this task force, according to Ramsay, is to inform others on how to slow the spread of COVID-19.

The task force is looking for more people to get involved.

“There are many different committees on this task force that you can be a part of,” she said. “If you’re looking to get involved, it’s a great opportunity [to get involved] on the state level.”

For the task force, Ramsay works on the #WhyICare campaign. The purpose of this campaign is to remind the public why they continue to adhere to COVID-19 protocol and wear masks.

“If you’re interested [in helping,] all you have to do is wear a mask, take [a] picture of you wearing a mask and send me it with two or three sentences about why you care,” she said. 

These photos are posted on the Rhode Island Department of Health’s website. Photos can be sent directly to Ramsay at president@rhodysenate.org.

To conclude the meeting, representatives Indy Silva and Ethan Bose were sworn into their positions during the meeting. Silva will serve as an At-Large Representative and Bose will serve as a University College Representative.

The next Student Senate meeting will be held on Feb. 24.