Another Valentine’s Day is now behind us, and I hope yours was filled with lots of candy, romantic comedy movies and time spent with your loved ones. I’m sure a lot of you celebrated Valentine’s with your significant other, but we all know of something else called Galentine’s Day. 

 Celebrating Galentine’s Day is a great excuse to get together with your friends. Another great thing about Galentine’s Day is that you don’t just have to celebrate one day a year. You can do all of the things I’m about to talk to you about all throughout the year. So, yes, the things I’m about to share with you are fun things to do on Galentine’s Day, but also just fun things you can do with your friends, any day of the year. 

One super fun thing to do with your friends is have a photoshoot. One Galentine’s Day-inspired idea is to head over to the Dollar Store and get heart shaped balloons. Then, find yourself a blank wall and tape the balloons to the wall however you see fit. You can even get some fun props like funny glasses and candies. Photoshoots are also a great excuse to get all dressed up. Then, grab your friends and get all of the Instagram photos you possibly can.  

You can’t have Galentine’s Day without your favorite movies. Whether you’re in the mood for rom-com or a sappy romance movie, pop one in and watch it with all of your friends. If you’re going for more of the serious vibe, watch “Titanic” or “The Notebook,” but be prepared to possibly shed a tear, or two. If you want to laugh, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” or “Mamma Mia” are some of my favorites. If you watch “Mamma Mia,” you can even have a little dance party. The great thing about romance movies is that you can watch these 365 days a year, not just on Feb. 14.

You definitely have to head over to the store and get some sweets: chocolate, candy or whatever your heart desires. You need to have some snacks while you are watching your movie. Of course, this is fun to do for Galentine’s Day, but you can have a movie night with snacks with your friends whenever you want! 

Another must-do with your friends: do some self care together! Get out your facemasks, put on some music and get relaxed. Maybe even paint your nails while you’re at it.  

Galentine’s is also a great time to remind your friends how important you are to them. Again, you can do this any time, but I think Valentine’s Day is just a day that reminds us how important they are to us. There are so many ways to show them that. Hanging out, listening to music, watching movies, eating candy, doing face masks and having a little photoshoot. Find fun things to do with your friends and let the love from Galentine’s Day keep going for the whole year.