Happy March my beautiful tree branches, blowing in these extremely strong gusts of wind. I hope you all are surviving this week’s rudely cold weather, especially after last week being tauntingly warm. I have to give it up to March, however, for being so consistent with their cruel jokes. 

As we all know, March 2020 was truly an experience. Now, March 2021 has arrived and the one year anniversary of the pandemic forcing us to shut down is right around the corner. I am sure everyone is panicking, trying to decide what to do to celebrate making it through one year, kind of like the anniversary of a relationship, because let’s be honest, the past year has kind of been like one toxic relationship. 

Everyone has a pandemic story and I personally feel as though it’s strikingly similar to the pathway that many relationships take. Just as you may remember the first time you met your significant other, I am sure you remember where you were when you found out that COVID-19 was rapidly spreading across the United States. 

The first few weeks of being in the pandemic were comparable to the honeymoon stage of a relationship. You probably felt as though you were levitating, your head was in the clouds. You probably had some initial fears of the relationship not working out right away, but then you had an “I think I’m in love” moment as you realized you had an extra week of spring break and that professors were being understanding of your mental health for once.

After the honeymoon stage came the rest of the relationship; also known as the remainder of the pandemic up until now. You reached a level of comfortability with them. You both started enjoying staying in more and going out less. Your life trajectory started to change as you realized both of you were in it for the long haul and the plans you made when you were single began to change.

Soon enough, you started spending so much time together that they began to drive you somewhat crazy. You and your significant other, COVID-19, have been together for months, and while you enjoyed not having to go out or look nice, you also realize that you do not want this life forever. However, despite the fact that you want to break up, you also can’t imagine life without them. Before you know it, it’s your one year anniversary. March 2021 has arrived. 

 Anniversaries can put a lot of stress and pressure on people no matter what the occasion may be. Nothing screams “Happy Pandemic!” to me more than the stress, pain, constant sweating and confusion of deciding what to do. As long as safety guidelines are followed, there is truly no right or wrong way to celebrate the one-year anniversary of COVID-19. 

In one way or another, I am sure the past year has made an impact on everyone. Looking back on yourself a year ago, where were you? What new skills have you learned since? How much better are your cheekbones from all of the constant gnawing at your face in worry? Are you now able to quote five seasons of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” instead of only two? What life lessons have you learned from the past year? 

See how much you’ve grown from last March to where you are now, and maybe write it down for your future grandchildren to look back on and see how cool you were … even if you stayed in your house the entire time.

Whether it’s making a cake, having drinks with your quarantine mates or sitting by the ocean and reflecting on your year, everyone deserves to do something relaxing to commemorate their year of living through a pandemic. Oh, and before I forget! I wish you all the best in your breakup with this *hopefully* soon to be virus-of-an-ex.