If you want to take the road less traveled by in terms of coffee shops, these local options are right up your alley. Photo by Theresa Brown. 

Every cup of coffee is a good one if you know where to go and how to order. Lucky for you, Rhode Island is home to some of the best coffee shops, giving you the perfect way to get off of campus for a bit. So, put your mask on, order ahead and enjoy a cup of non-dorm, Keurig-made coffee. 

1. Nook Coffee House 

This East Greenwich-located coffee shop wins all the awards and all the hearts of its customers. With completely safe no-touch curbside pickup, the Nook offers an amazing selection of coffees, teas and some specialty lattes like the “Purple Rain” infused with lavender or the “Maple Sage” which tastes just as good as it smells. 307 Main St., East Greenwich, RI

2. Cafe Zara

You won’t regret a trip up to Providence from Kingston after trying the specialty lattes at Cafe Zara in East Providence. Their croissants and muffins are to die for, and their menu is ever-changing throughout the year. If you’re looking for some extra caffeine to get you through midterms then their “Dark Storm” cold brew topped with espresso is the way to go! 130 Taunton Ave., East Providence, RI

3. TLC Coffee Roasters

TLC doesn’t miss, but you already knew that. If there is a number one place around the University of Rhode Island to grab a coffee, it’s definitely this one. Their flavors are never-ending and customizable so every option is a good one if you know what you like. But, no coffee at TLC is complete without one of their chocolate chip cookies, trust me on this one. 332 Kingstown Road, West Kingston, RI

4. The Nitro Bar

Is it just me, or is going to Newport for the day the new thing? Well if it isn’t, it should be. An $8 toll is so worth it for a coffee at The Nitro Bar. Not only is their coffee amazing but their brand sweatshirts and tees are adorable. Check out the “Dirty Wafer” and the “Fruit Loop” specialty drinks while you’re there. 2 Pond Ave., Newport, RI

5. Caf Bar

Another one close to home, Caf Bar’s coffee is consistently incredible and offered with a student discount. Located in Wakefield, the cafe has every type of “superfood” toast you could think of, and some pretty cool lattes too. The “London fog” and “maple bourbon latte” never disappoint. 119 Main St., Wakefield, RI

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