Good morning my lovable ladybugs. How are my sweet baby bean sprouts doing on this fine spring day?

By now, I am sure you all know about my obsession with breakfast a.k.a. the best meal of the day. Sorry, that is not up for debate! However, what IS up for debate is what food for breakfast is the best. 

First and foremost, we should lay out the different kinds of breakfasts commonly eaten. Traditional breakfast foods differ all around the world and in different cultures, so despite the fact that I may find something repulsive for breakfast does not mean that the person has the wrong tastebuds or anything. On the contrary, it’s super cool to see how everyone’s preferences differ and why. 

Additionally, it’s totally cool to also enjoy many different meals for breakfast, but just for the sake of the argument, let’s talk as though the world only exists in extremes and you’re only able to choose one breakfast to eat for the rest of your life … or until you turn 30 years old, which is inarguably the same thing. 

So, what kind of breakfast fiend are you? While some people are a rice and beans kind of breakfast fanatic, some are devoted to their waffles and fruit. Others may swear by the traditional English brekkie consisting of toast, eggs, beans and multiple forms of meat. 

Personally my favorite and most ideal breakfast changes depending on the day. On weekdays, my breakfasts consist of fruit, plain Greek yogurt with honey and coffee. Plain Greek yogurt with honey has become so detrimental to who I am as a person, my personality withers away when I am unable to consume it. 

During the weekend, breakfast is OBVIOUSLY a cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese and coffee. However, if this weekend morning falls on the day after a night of staying up very late and participating in a series of events that seem jumbled in your head when you wake up, the ideal breakfast is obvious: whatever cake is on the counter and cold pizza. 

All this being said, l recognize that not everyone is like me and does not have the same opinion. For example, my older sister chooses to abstain from breakfast other than coffee, and one of my younger sisters typically only eats something along the lines of beans, rice, salsa and fish, while the other is adamant about making an ornate avocado toast and latte every morning. 

When my brother wakes up before lunch time, I always see him eating three bowls of cereal, sometimes each bowl a different kind of cereal. While I tell all four of my siblings that they are psychopathic for their choices, I also appreciate their differing taste buds. 

Okay, so wow, that was a ton of different kinds of breakfast and they were all pretty run of the mill. My only serious opinion is that the one element of breakfast that should never be excluded is eavesdropping. Oh, and listening to an audio story from NPR. Okay so that was two elements, but hear me out about the eavesdropping. 

Eavesdropping during breakfast doesn’t just mean that you overhear the intense conversation about computing mechanics the couple next to you is having at 7 a.m. in the dining hall or what the barista making your coffee is telling their co-worker about their grandmother’s knitting skills. Eavesdropping can also pertain to listening to the birds chirping or hearing the waves crash on a rocky shore.

 The latter is definitely more calming to start one’s morning but hey I’m not here to judge … so yeah let me know what your go-to breakfast is so I can determine whether or not you’re psychopathic!