Photos by James Singer

What are you planning to do for Earth Day or if you could do anything for Earth Day, what would you do? 

  1. Jošquin Malone, junior, anthropology and plant science double major with a focus on sustainable crop production 

“I am probably going to take just a few minutes to be grateful for the planet and just for life. I’m going to be spending a good amount of the day picking up trash and getting people to do the same. I might attend a lecture hosted by Student Action for Sustainability.” 

  1. Maddy Young, senior, marketing major

“Unfortunately I have a presentation but after that, I plan to slackline if it’s nice out and attend the Student Action for Sustainability guest lecture as well.”

  1. Ethan Major, freshman, engineering undeclared

“I’ll be nice to the Earth.” 

  1. Brindley Rospars, senior, Doctor of Pharmacy major 

“I might walk down to the beach close to me and see if there’s any trash I can pick up. Being close to the water, that is really important.” 

  1. Brendan Peck, sophomore, environmental science and management major

“I don’t have a plan for the day but I am currently planting a pollinator garden in my backyard.” 

  1. Virginia Smith, sophomore, Green Business double major

“I am just really appreciating the Earth for rotating especially on that day, I appreciate it every day. But I’m also going to be picking up a lot of trash. I live right by the beach at Point Judith so I’m going to go out there with a big trash bag and not come back until it is full.” 

  1. Joshua Bohl, freshman, chemistry major 

“I honestly forgot that it was Earth Day coming up, but I always try to use the reusable bags in the dining hall.” 

  1. Vetle Nilsen, freshman, innovation and entrepreneurship major  

“I didn’t realize it was coming up, but Earth Day is about reducing energy use and stuff so maybe I will try to keep my lights off all day.”

9. Heber W. Youngken Jr Medicinal Garden Garden Coordinator Elizabeth Leibovitz 

“I will be working in the garden. Every day is Earth Day for me.”