2011 X-factor winners, Little Mix have gone on a break, so here is a look back at“DNA.” PHOTO CREDIT: Pinterest

Ever since Little Mix won the X-Factor in 2011, they have won numerous awards for their work and have gained global recognition. Their first album, “DNA”  (2012) was the album that got me into the band. 

The girls have gone through so much over the years and they have been iconic in the pop industry ever since they formed. However, there have been some hiccups throughout their career. Jesy Nelson announced her departure from the band in December of 2020 due to anxiety and the pressure of being a pop star. 

After that, the remaining three members, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jade Thriwall and Perrie Edwards released another album and announced that they will be taking a break and/or breaking up after their world tour. 

After hearing this sad news a couple of months ago, I decided to relisten to all of their albums in order. By mistake, however, I skipped over their very first album, “DNA.” I was so upset with myself because this is one of my favorite albums from them and I love almost every single song on it. 

“Wings,” “Change Your Life,” “How Ya Doin?” and “We Are Who We Are” all have similar upbeat vibes to them and spread similar messages to the fans/listeners. 

“Wings” is an upbeat 80s song that got me into the band and all of their music. It’s such a good song to listen to and dance to when you’re at a party or just by yourself. 

“Change Your Life” has a sweet message of staying together with everyone you love and hold dear to your heart, and never letting them go. This song has a great beat in the chorus and makes me happy every time I hear it.

“How Ya Doin?,” which features Missy Elliott, is the epitome of 70s vibes to me. The outfits from the music video and the beat of the song are so groovy and cheery, and it makes me so happy.

“We Are Who We Are” is a very optimistic and sweet song with a great message. The members talk about loving the way you are and being happy with what their mothers gave them and how we should all view ourselves like that too. 

“Pretend It’s OK,” “Always Be Together,” “Turn Your Face,” “Case Closed” and “Cannonball” are the more somber and heartfelt songs off of the album.

“Pretend It’s OK” and “Turn Your Face” have very similar messages to them, and they both kind of sound the same. They have different beats, but the tones of both are very similar and sad.

“Always Be Together” is one of the more popular songs from the album, but not one of my favorites. When I re-listened to it again, I liked the message, but the song was a bit boring.

“Cannonball” was their first song together as a band, and it’s still a good one to listen to. “Case Closed” is okay, but it’s not the best in my opinion. It’s just not exciting enough, even for a sad song.

“DNA” and “Red Planet” ft. T-Boz are my favorite songs off of this album. Fans assume that “Red Planet” is the second part to “DNA” because, at the end of the “DNA” music video, it says “To Be Continued.” This is believed to be because “Red Planet” and “DNA” have similar vibes to them. 

They both have an ethereal horror sound and themes to them, which makes the song more exciting and fun to listen to. I used to have a dance routine for both of these songs and now that I look back at them and remember them, it haunts me every single day.

Another one of my favorites from this album is “Madhouse.” The vocals and beat of this entire song are so insane and well put together. I love the chorus and bridge of this song, and it most definitely almost broke every window in my car when I blasted it.

“Love Drunk” and “Going Nowhere” are both very groovy and are most definitely songs you can dance to, but they aren’t my favorites. I like them, but to me personally, they are songs that I skipped in the past and now still do.

When I re-listened to this album fully in order, it brought me back to the early 2010s when my sister and I would listen to all these songs and enjoy them so much. Little Mix was a brand new band that came to light and me and my sister fell in love with them so quickly.

It made me happy that she and I had something in common that we liked and could share and bond over. My favorite memories are listening to these songs with her and having so much fun and not having a single care in the world.