Food Column- Super Bowl Snacks

A definitive ranking of Super Bowl snacks. Illustration by: Maddie Bataille | Photo Editor

When it comes to the Super Bowl, lots of people count the highly anticipated event as a cheat day. I know I do. There are snacks everywhere, dips galore and every craving snack you could imagine. Everyone has a favorite snack, do you know what yours is? 

CBS Sports wrote an article about the top ten Super Bowl snacks for this year’s matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles. Whether you are ecstatic or heartbroken with the outcome of the game, we can all agree these snacks are always a winner. 

Except for one … 

Now don’t get me wrong, I think CBS ranked their snacks very well . When I opened this article, however, I was grossed out by the name of it, “sugar sausages.” If anyone has tried this before and thinks it’s good, make me some, I’d be willing to try. The idea of sugary sausage links though has no appeal to me. I am honestly surprised this made it onto the list of Super Bowl snacks, but I’m not picky, I’d probably give it a try. 

Other than this curveball of a snack, I think most Super Bowl foods are usually pretty well liked and enjoyed. Their top ranked snack was wings, and I agree with wings being the ultimate football snack. You can attempt to make them at home, or buy them which always ends up being my go to option. There’s so many different flavors and they are wonderfully messy, they make football games fun when you don’t know what’s happening on the TV. 

Another top tier snack for me would be the full assortment of dips. As a crucial requirement of my Super Bowl experience, this is one of the many cases where more is better in my opinion. At my house, each roommate needed to make a different dip for the game, and this completely made my night because that’s all I ate. There’s salsa, guacamole, queso, buffalo chicken (superior), feta dip, hommus, spinach artichoke, the possibilities are endless. I let my dip obsession run wild during the Super Bowl and you should too if you don’t already. 

There are always the classic snacks that just make the event more fun and your stomach more full. Pigs in a blanket are always a must-have, but don’t make a lot because you’ll forget how many you have. The classic pizza always makes an appearance, but it would be so fun to make your own pizza for the game. Designing pies into shapes themed for the game … ok I know my plans for next year. Nachos are another messy snack that satisfy the cravings, but sometimes hard to make for a large gathering. But making a giant nacho bar on a tinfoil-covered table has always been on my bucket list. Why not make it for the big game? 

Finally, the sweets. The gooey treats that you think you don’t have room for until you try one. Cupcakes, brownies, ice cream, no one can ever say no. They always have to be present, but I’ve noticed they usually are gone before some of the food is finished. I’m always an advocate for dessert before dinner. 

Whatever way your Super Bowl ended up being, I can almost guarantee there was lots of food and lots of laughs.