Stella Mueller

‘Tick Talk:’ A conversation with entomology professor Mather

Known as “The TickGuy,” Thomas Mather is a professor of plant sciences and entomology, director of the Vector-Borne Disease Center on campus and TickEncounter Resource Center at the University of Rhode Island.  “[My] research interests include the ecological dynamics of tick-transmitted diseases and strategies for optimizing tick control and awareness,” Mather said in a written…

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URI Farmer’s Market to provide first-hand nutrition experience for new student staff

Uri students can access free produce through URI Free Farmers Market. PHOTO CREDIT: Eddie Melfi | Staff Photographer The University of Rhode Island’s farmer’s market will be hiring new student staff in the upcoming weeks to promote nutrition education for college students and give them first-hand experience to realize where their food comes from.  “‘For…

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P.I.N.K. Women’s President pursues fashion, language, leadership

President of URI’s P.I.N.K. Lucchina Breneville is “truly inspirational.”  PHOTO CREDIT: Eddie Melfi | Staff Photographer As a double major in textile fashion merchandising & design and Chinese Mandarin, as well as the president of P.I.N.K. Women, which stands for Powerful, Independent, Notoriously Knowledgeable Women, Lucchina Breneville is a valued student and leader.  “In one…

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