Celebrating 100 years of Rhody the Ram

Celebrate 100 years with Rhody the Ram. PHOTO CREDIT: Connor Zisk | Staff Photographer

Rhody the Ram had his 100th birthday on Wednesday, March 8 so we asked University of Rhode Island students what Rhody means to them.

Haley Pyne, a third-year student studying communicative disorders, said that Rhody is a symbol of school spirit and he’s a great mascot as far as they go. 

“My uncle is a Providence College alum, so I use Rhody to show how URI is better than PC,” Pyne said.

Olamide Hassan, a second-year student studying health studies, said Rhody provides a welcoming environment where she can be herself and have a community that stands behind her.

Cristobal Bustos, a second-year student studying film and communications, said Rhody Ram makes our community friendly, especially within all of the student organizations.

Imani Fleming, a fourth-year student studying journalism and political science said Rhody has helped her discover so much at the university. She feels lucky to have been able to grow in a place that cares for its students in more ways than one.

Lastly, Isabella Castor-Schmidt, a third-year student studying psychology and kinesiology said that Rhody is a really sweet, jolly old pal.

Happy Birthday Rhody!