Keeping this album ‘Endlessly’ on repeat

Miley Cyrus’ new album explores themes of anxiety in relationships and self love in “Endless Summer Vacation.”  PHOTO CREDIT: 1883 Magazine

Growing up in the music industry is sure to influence your artistry and appreciation for music and creativity, and Miley Cyrus has proved time and time again to gain inspiration from her predecessors and explore new genres with her own Miley flare. 

On March 10, Cyrus released her eighth studio album entitled “Endless Summer Vacation.” 

The 13-track album explores a more pop and R&B sound, drifting from her previous rock sound on “Plastic hearts.” 

Cyrus explored themes of anxiety surrounding relationships, self-love and growth within her album. 

Track 1: Flowers 

We know it, we love it. “Flowers” is the self-love song of 2023. Cyrus wrote this song as a response to Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man,” which takes on the woman’s view of the relationship. I appreciate the feminist take on this song calling that she doesn’t need anyone but herself to make her happy. 

Track 2: Jaded 

In “Jaded,” Cyrus begins the song by realizing and admitting her own fault in a relationship. This switches to an almost passive-aggressive tone with the main lick being “I’m sorry that you’re jaded.” Cyrus is saying that even though she had her own problems she doesn’t want to feel crazy for being who she is. 

Track 3: Rose Colored Lenses

This is my favorite song off the album by far. In this song, Cyrus paints an image of being in the honeymoon phase of a relationship and wanting to stay in that phase forever. This song is where the album gets its name “Endless Summer Vacation.” However, there can be too much of a good thing. The name of this song shows how she viewed her relationship through rose color lenses and hadn’t been able to see any red flags. 

Track 4: Thousand Miles (feat. Brandi Carlile) 

Cyrus explains in an interview with her Disney Plus Backyard Sessions that she had written this song around the same time that one of her friends’ sisters had ended her life. Cyrus was able to capture those emotions beautifully in this song about finding your way in life. 

Track 5: You

The tone of the album takes a turn here. Cyrus brings back the idea of love and relationships in a fun and flirty way. However, in the chorus, she reminds us that she can’t be tamed, if you will, by saying “I was not made for no horsey and carriage.” Repeatedly over her career, Miley lets it be known that her independence can’t be taken from her. 

Track 6: Handstand

Immediately this song reminded me of Cyrus’ album “Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Pets” where she experimented with a more psychedelic and astral pop sound. Filled with metaphors this song may not be for everyone but is a nice call back to some of her old music.

Track 7: River, Track 8: Violet Chemistry

These two songs have a very similar energy. Both explore a passionate relationship with her partner and are perfect “singing in the car” songs. 

Track 9: Muddy Feet (feat. Sia), Track 10: Wildcard 

Also having a similar sound and message. “Muddy Feet (feat. Sia)” reminded me of the song “FU” off of her “Bangerz” album. The track reclaims her position in her relationship after finding out she had been cheated on. Using the phrase “Muddy feet” as a metaphor to say her partner had muddied up the relationship by betraying her. While in “Wildcard” she says in the chorus that ‘loving you was never enough.’ Cyrus is saying that no matter what she did she would have never been good enough for her partner because they were not appreciative of who she actually was but rather cared more about her image. 

Track 11: Island 

Another one of my favorites on this album, this song feels very connected to “Rose Colored Lenses.”  In this song, she conveys her anxiety through her questioning if she’s stranded on an island or landed in paradise. This metaphor relates back to the “Rose Colored Lenses” by having too much of a good thing she can’t tell if this metaphorical island she’s landed on is leaving her stranded or if she loves her new life in this paradise. 

Track 12: Wonder Woman, Track 13: Flowers (Demo)

The last two tracks of the album slow down after a long run of upbeat and happy songs. “Wonder Woman,” while a slow ballad, doesn’t do it for me and I usually end up skipping. However the Demo of “Flowers” is a highlight of this album. In an interview with Miley she explains that while the beat and all the layers add so much to the original when you strip that all away, the song is actually a sad song about losing a lover while trying to have a positive outlook in the worst of it. This version sounds the most similar to his predecessor “When I Was Your Man.”

Overall, Miley Hits it out of the park yet again with this album showing her timelessness through her bold approach of never being afraid to be herself.