Fashion revolves around Uhuru Sasa in upcoming annual show

After over a semester’s worth of hard work and dedication, the members of Uhuru Sasa are bringing the solar system to life this Friday with their 19th Annual Fashion Show. 

With this year’s theme of “Planets,” the club has plans to execute one cohesive skit, full of theatrics and choreography. Uhuru Sasa seeks to emulate different intergalactic environments through separate scenes, according to club member, Adijat Agyemang. With Marvel Comics as an inspiration, the show will include storylines and intense production, she said.

Uhuru Sasa was founded in 1968 and has been promoting diversity, unity and friendship on campus ever since.

“Expect to see a community come together,” said Uhuru Sasa member, Bintou Keita. 

They are expecting 400 attendants from the university, as well as from local cities like Providence and Boston. 

The event has been in the planning process since the Fall, and will be well crafted in terms of entertainment with acting, dancing and performances, according to Uhuru Sasa member and fashion show model, Adetola Adebayo.

Last year’s theme was “Elements” and the stage was saturated with illuminating golds, as seen on their Instagram: @uhuru_sasa. 

“We have so much planned for this year and we’re coming back bigger and better,” Uhuru Sasa stated under the post. 

The models have also been introduced through separate posts on their Instagram. All models in the show are URI students and have been attending practices each week since the beginning of the planning process.

Keita stated that behind the scenes, the show has consisted of months of hard work, and that putting together an event of such scale has not been easy. Uhuru Sasa encouraged that anybody can attend to show support for their community, and that it will be fun for everybody.

For those who plan to attend, the event will take place in Ram’s Den at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday. Expect a show, one that not only includes fashion, but entertainment.