Markings, meanings, everything in between: Students tell the stories behind their tattoos, Part 22

Pictured: Last word of Michilangelo on DJ Ferrazzano’s forearm. Photo Courtesy of: DJ Ferrazzano

At the University of Rhode Island, DJ Ferrazzano, a first-year psychology and criminal justice major, has two tattoos on her arms and one on her hip.

According to Ferrazzano, she got her first tattoo behind her right arm above her elbow. She got it on her 18th birthday to commemorate her father with the date of his passing in Roman numerals which was Dec. 27, 2014.

She said it was her favorite tattoo because it has the most meaning to her. It was also a $25 deal at Ink Me Tattoos in Providence, Rhode Island. 

“He died two days after Christmas. My older sister has the same one,” Ferrazzano said.

Ferrazzano also said her second tattoo is on her right hip underneath her pelvic bone. It’s a tiny snake and she chose it because she thinks they’re cool. It was at the same tattoo place and after, she thought it was cute.

“I feel like snakes are misrepresented in the media and I wanted to showcase them,” Ferrazzano said.

She thought the artist was funny because he ushered her out of the tattoo parlor as soon as he was done because he had to watch the new jiu jitsu Kaizen movie.
“It made me feel bad but it was a good tattoo,” according to Ferrazzano.

According to Ferrazzano, her third tattoo is on her left forearm which is allegedly a quote from Michelangelo. The quote says “Ancora Imparo” which were his last words before he died. It means “still I learn” in Italian. 

She thinks it’s unique because it pays homage to her ethnic background, which is Italian. She said it’s like a little reminder for herself because if she makes a mistake she can say she’s “still learning.” 

It was a walk-in appointment at East Coast Tattoo and Body Piercing and the O at the end of the quote was messed up. She said the tattoo artist was impatient and the left side of the O is a straight line.

Lastly, Ferrazzano is also a fan of the tattoo pencil. The one she mainly uses is Inkbox and recommends it for people who want a tattoo but unsure about what to get. The pencil only lasts for a week to two weeks.

She has drawn a sword and a chain on her friend and they recently drew a sun on her neck. Ferrazzano said she wouldn’t get the sun tattoo but she likes the placement of the tattoo.

“There’s a beauty to permanent tattoos but also to semi permanent tattoos. They are both nice to experiment with,” according to Ferrazzano.

Ferrazzano plans on getting more tattoos to have a piece of family with her. She wants to get her sisters’ zodiac signs which are taurus and libra and her mother’s birth year which is 1974.

If you are thinking of getting your first tattoo, Ferrazzano suggests you get a design that will make you happy in the moment even if you hate it in the future. That way, you can reflect on a time when you were happy.