Staff Picks: Summer 2023 Edition

Juliana Lepore-Editor In Chief 

I have listened to 5 Seconds of Summer more than any other band for the past 10 years, but this summer, it was different. I went to see their show in Boston on August 13th and it reminded me of how much I love their 2014 banger “English Love Affair.” They played this song as their “surprise song” at my show and I was feral, to say the least. Ever since then, I’ve been listening to “English Love Affair” as my hype-up song. I rewatch my video of them singing it live at my show at least once a week. I’m thankful that their concert allowed me to rediscover a song that I love so much.

Ronan Himelrick-Managing Editor

This year, I had quite a nonchalant summer. To carry me through this melodramatic season, I dove deep into the calming psychedelic melodies of the legendary jam band The Grateful Dead. My favorite track from this summer was “Althea” from the band’s 1980 album “Go to Heaven.” “Althea” immediately takes the listener to a happy place without a care in the world. The bouncing guitar riffs and methodic drums put me in a trance upon every listen. Jerry Garcia’s vocals melt into the instrumentals making this song my favorite of the summer, and one of my favorites of all time. 

Alexa Potamianos-Newscast Editor

My summer has been a steady flow of Zach Bryan, Noah Kahan and Taylor Swift, but the one song that stayed on repeat constantly goes to “Invisible String” by Taylor without a doubt. After the infamous scene in “The Summer I Turned Pretty,” this song was nonstop on my Spotify whether it blasted in the car, while cleaning my room or in the shower. The song feels whimsical and nostalgic and describes love with a beautiful sense of innocence. 

Jenny Arnold- Social Media Coordinator

I mostly spent this summer in New York City at my internship. I was on NJ Transit a lot, looking out the window wishing I was outside in the gorgeous weather while traveling to/from work. On those long daily train rides, “Parachute” by Chris Stapelton became my go to “feel good” country song. The old-feel beats, and Stapelton’s raspy voice made the song my go to. 

Lauren Drapeau- Entertainment Editor

Over the summer, I mastered the art of building a schedule consisting of work, housework, sleeping and reading. While the weeks lacked any form of excitement, an undertone of contentment existed in the certainty of returning home to family, friends and loved ones. The one song that accompanied my navigating a new mundane schedule, at least the first since before the pandemic, was Yellow Eyes by Rayland Baxter. With such a heartbreaking message masked by an exciting and comforting guitar melody, I felt what it meant to be okay with contrast. The line, “Now I’m on the road Knowing not which way to go,” resonated with me deeply during my journey of trusting the process, not being too hard on myself for adjusting to such a simple routine. 

“I don’t really care, For the golden sun Has washed me away.” 

Aidan Cahill- Photo Editor

I spent my summer surrounded by music. In May, I got to attend the Boston Calling music festival, and spent the first half of my break recording covers from my bedroom. In August, I saw Ghost perform, and learned to perform a few new songs acoustically.  While the first half of my summer was dense and busy, the second half was much more calm,  a sensation shared by “Argentina (Parts I, II,  III)” by Tokyo Police Club. Part one is fast, upbeat, and feels driving throughout. Parts two and three are far more gentle, yet not out of place. The entire song is dynamic in range, and even though it is eight and a half minutes, it never feels as though it has overstayed its welcome.

Casey Chan-Smutko- News Editor

My summer was “cruel” as all I listened to was Taylor Swift. I used to be a Swifie in second grade but that stopped after the “Reputation” album came out. However, my Swiftieness came back when the “Midnights” album was released. So I decided to put every Taylor Swift song into one playlist and listened to every single song based on what mood I was in. Recently, I’ve been playing “Picture to Burn” and “I Bet You Think About Me ft Chris Stapelton” on my ukulele. Although “Lover” is my favorite album, “no body, no crime ft. HAIM” from the album “Evermore” will always be on replay. I’ve always been a fan of fictional murder stories, so the fact that Swift had the ability to do a fictional murder song made me love her even more. I don’t know if I should write this but I’m doing it anyway. With the lyrics of this song, I’m writing my own murder mystery novel. Who knows if I will release it though.  

Nathan Robillard- Sports Editor 

This summer, I found myself constantly running around and feeling overwhelmed by responsibility, so naturally I turned to a calmer form of music to help deal with the stress of a busy, but worthwhile internship. My music taste, while all over the place, generally responds to how my feelings about life at any given time, and Eagle’s “Take it Easy” was my song of choice this summer. Sometimes, I felt like all I wanted to do was pursue my other passions of hiking and camping in the woods, and when I was unable to do that, this song almost perfectly encapsulated the feeling of the freedom of the outdoors in the midst of an otherwise hectic summer.

Nils Fimmers- Production Manager 

This summer, I was constantly on the road. Whether in buses or cars, I found myself with a ton of time on my hands to explore old albums and songs while traveling. One song I found particularly relaxing throughout the stressful travel process was “Deacon Blues” by Steely Dan. I think the jazz fusion creates a light spirited atmosphere which can take the stress off of even the most hectic days.