The Editorial Staff

Editorial: Disinformation and misinformation conference

The Good Five Cent Cigar has been the student voice at the University of Rhode Island since 1971, and part of our responsibility is to provide the community with the truth and to combat false information. Disinformation and misinformation have only become more prevalent in recent years, such as COVID-19 conspiracy theories and political misinformation,…

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Letter to the editor: Residence Respect Issues

  Dear Editor, As the residents of Narragansett “try to get their town back,” they should keep in mind that it is a team effort.  As Brianna Montecalvo, the Student Senate External Affairs chair said in the article, “Student/resident relations evolve ‘down the line’,” students and residents need to work on cohesiveness.  Not just students,…

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Letter to the editor: URI’s treatment of the Football Team

(This is in response to the article The information on what President Dooley has said about this situation comes from the article Dear Editor,         Broken noses. Fractured jaw. Fractured arm. These are just a few of the injuries sustained by Chi Phi brothers after members of the URI football team came into…

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