Student Senate Report 11/1

In Wednesday’s Student Senate meeting, a bill was proposed regarding Robert L. Carothers Library Study Room usage policy.

President Rizk introduced the bill, stating the issue with the three hour time limit.

“There is a three hour time limit for the library to get any of the study rooms,” Rizk said. “If you cross the three hour time limit even by 10 seconds, you get fined $10 per hour. If you use markers and cross the time limit, your fine doubles to $20 per hour.”

Rizk explained that students are typically under a lot of stress and lose track of time. Rizk also mentioned the financial burden of the fines, which can add up to $60.

To negotiate with the library’s usage policy, Rizk purposed three amendments:

10 minute grace period

Fine structure modification

Automated email reminders

The 10 minute grace period’s purpose is to provide students with a brief window of time to conclude their study sessions, gather their belongings and vacate the study room without incurring penalties, according to the Senate agenda.

The fine structure modifications purpose is to “ensure that penalties for exceeding the time limit are proportionate and reasonable, recognizing the financial hardship some students face.”

The automated email reminder’s purpose is to “assist students in managing their study sessions more effectively by providing timely reminders of approaching time limits.”

The Student Senate passed the bill. President Rizk plans to meet with the library staff to discuss the suggested amendments.

Chair Rudolph announced that Nov. 4 by 4 p.m. is the last day for voting in the Fall 2023 election. Senators and students can vote by logging into their URInvolved account and clicking the 2023 Fall Students Standard Elections Tab.

Carl Stiles, advisor of the Student Senate, announced an issue with the upcoming election.

“One issue we have is that all the elections are open to every student on campus, so there is nobody that is not eligible to vote,” Stiles said. “Not everyone is eligible to vote in every election.”

Stiles claimed that it is a technical issue beyond the control of the Senate. Stiles is providing feedback to the software company on these unresolved issues. He is hopeful that the Senate can still view the election results.

Additional information on the Fall 2023 election can be found on the Student Senate Instagram, @rhodysenate.

Academic Affairs Chair Peckham informed the Senate of URI’s First Generation College Celebration Day. This event is taking place on Wednesday, Nov. 8. From 2 to 4 p.m. on the quad. Peckham also mentioned an internship panel discussion taking place on Thursday, Nov. 9 from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. The panel will be held in the Memorial Union Room 318 and is welcome to all majors.

External Affairs Chair Hoover mentioned starting an economic study on the impact of students living in Narragansett vs. not living in Narragansett. Hoover plans to use the study to argue that students drive the local economy during the winter season. More details on the study and participation will be discussed in upcoming weeks.

Senator Hannah Collins was awarded as Senator of the Month of October. Senator Collins is the Vice Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee.

The Senate will meet next Wednesday, Nov. 8.