Leah Crowley


2/20/20 Newscast

Check out this week's Five Cent Cigar Newscast - - - R/V Endeavor: Shot and edited by John Frenzel Judo Club: Written, shot, and edited by Leah Crowley Student Senate Presidential Debate: Written by Evan McAlice Shot by Nicole Wagner Edited by Leah...

2/13/20 Newscast

Watch this week's 5 Cent Cigar Newscast - - - Edit: The art exhibit is titled "Big Painting" Anchors: Evan McAlice and Imani Fleming Novel Coronavirus Student Perspective: Written and edited by Leah Crowley Shot by Leah Crowley...
URI established a leadership team to bring URI students who were studying abroad in China home due to growing concerns over the novel coronavirus. Tune in on Thursday 2/13 for updates.

2/6/2020 Newscast

Check out our first newscast of the decade! - - - OLLI: Written, shot, and edited by Kayla Michaud Novel Coronavirus: Written, shot, and edited by Leah Crowley Campus Chatter: Shot and edited by Nicole...

12/6/19 Newscast

Watch our last newscast of 2019! Blue Lights: Written, shot, and edited by Leah Crowley Fitness Classes: Written, edited, and shot by Nicole Wagner Senior Percussion Recital: Written by Evan McAlice and Ian Weiner Shot...

11/21/19 Newscast

Check out our first newscast in the new studio! - - - Anchored by Nolan Reilly and Evan McAlice. Key Log Rolling: Written and edited by Leah Crowley. Shot by Leah Crowley and Olivia Ouellette 193...
Several students at URI are participating in the Barefoot Movement. 5CCN talked to Dr. Susan D'Andrea of URI's kinesiology department about the scientific benefits behind the decision to walk around without shoes. Written by Leah Crowley and Chris Noble. Shot and edited by Leah...
The AkaBlas Wind Ensemble traveled to URI from Braunschweig, Germany to play a live concert on the Quad. Watch this story to hear them perform and find out how they made it to Rhode Island.
PERIOD is a foundation to help fight the stigma against menstruation and the fight against period poverty. Find out what URI's recently formed chapter of PERIOD is all about. Read the story here!