Trophy Wives, a local pop punk band from Providence, was the main headliner last Saturday night at the Pop Rocks Music Festival.

The festival was an all day event with more than 15 bands playing within the venue or on the outside stage. The show took place at Simon’s 677 with many other local bands including Sic Vita, Southpier, He Heard Footsteps, Senior Discount and various others.

Trophy Wives consists of five friends: Chris Piquette, Sam Boxold, Tyler Young, Travis Danforth, and Mike Crawley. Both Piquette and Boxold are on vocals, Piquette and Young are on guitar, Danforth is on bass and Crawley is on drums. This past summer they had the opportunity to play at Warped Tour, one of the largest traveling music festivals. Trophy Wives began their week-long tour on Sept. 16 and will end Sept. 26. The band has done their own self-producing for the past two records with No Boundaries Studios.

During the show, the band invited their former vocalist, Pat Crowley, out on stage to perform a song off their first album called “Letting go.” While speaking with Piquette, he mentioned how they are recently working on their first full length album and are aiming to complete it by 2016.

They did not disappoint as the show was both energetic and chaotic.

Before Trophy Wives took the stage Sic Vita, Southpier and He Heard Footsteps performed. Sic Vita is an alternative band from Massachusetts, He Heard Footsteps is an instrumental post rock band from Rhode Island and Southpier, similar to Trophy Wives, is a pop punk band from Rhode Island. Sic Vita’s fan base has grown a lot since they had the chance to play Warped Tour this past summer alongside the Trophy Wives and Southpier. As for He Heard Footsteps, they have played a couple shows around Rhode Island and seem to be loved by the crowds already.

It’s evident that people enjoy seeing new and local bands from around the Rhode Island, as even in such a small state the music scene is still relevant. Underground artists can be found playing at venues such as the Wheelhouse, the Met, Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel and AS220. Trophy Wives plan to come back to the area for a show around Christmas time, and the band encourages everyone to look out for updates.