Hip-hop artist, Fetty Wap, paid a visit to the University of Rhode Island’s Ryan Center this past Friday, playing a sold out show to students during the middle of his tour.

Jimi Tents opened the show, making sure to hype up the sold-out crowd for what was to come. His rapping style fit well with Wap’s, guaranteeing right from the start that the night would be one to remember.

Soon after Jimi Tents finished his performance, the lights of the Ryan Center began to dim, and thousands of voices chanted Wap’s name repeatedly.

Getting the crowd excited, one of the members of Wap’s crew, “Remy Boyz 1738”, made an appearance in order to introduce the New Jersey artist. The entire squad took on the stage like an army ready for battle when, finally, Wap walked into the spotlight sporting a URI crewneck shirt.

Purple and green beams of lights shone against the rookie rapper’s back, surrounding him in a contrasting, colorful fog. Judging by the intensifying screaming, the audience could no longer contain their excitement.

Monty, a close friend and rapper to Wap, joined forces for the show. It was clear that Wap’s squad was more than just a group of friends that tour and make music together, but rather a talented close-knit community with the same history and goals.

One of the first songs that Wap played, titled My Way, was explosive, starting off his set flawlessly. Certain parts of the background instrumental were taken out so that all that could be heard were Wap’s vocals. The rapper, clearly enjoying the audience’s response, smiled as he performed.

Throughout the entire show, Wap’s joyful expression never faded. Anna Watson, one of the many fans that attended the concert, said, “He looks like he’s genuinely enjoying himself.”

Each song concluded with trademark “1738” and “yeah baby!” sounds. Once again, this furthered the fact that his crew was more like a family, and that Wap’s success was not his alone.

During next hit single “679”, Wap and Monty danced all around the stage while singing and jumping. They constantly laughed with one another, reassuring the fact that the night had already been a success.

At the end of the show, the audience cheered for an encore after being disappointed that the evening was coming to an end. Wap happily waltzed back onto stage, performing for a second time that night, his biggest single to date, “Trap Queen”. Unlike the first time he played the song, however, the first verse was entirely acapella, and all that could be heard were the thousands of fans singing along to the lyrics. By the time the chorus came, the beat hit, and everyone began to dance in a final frenzy of carefree fun.

Wap and his fans have at least one thing in common: they know how to make the night the absolute best that it can be.

After the lights faded to black and the audience cleared, Kyle Miner, another attendee of the show, said, “I will never forget how happy Fetty looked while performing.”

Fetty Wap certainly lived up to his hype, and will continue to deliver more fun and memorable performances on the rest of his tour.