Spring break is right around the corner and students are sifting through the bottom of their pockets for getaways that are inexpensive yet fun. Every college student knows how tough it can be to attend school and afford something as simple as dinner with some friends. On the other hand, when it comes to spring break, spending money is a whole other ball game.

Fortunately enough, I happen to be one of many of wishful students who also has a budget to keep. However, I have discovered some tips that could be just as useful to you while planning your own vacation to paradise.

The first initiative to take would be to gather as many as people as possible. The more people you are able to find, the less you will have to spend and surely it will sound just as satisfying to those who are on the same financial boat. For example, if you and three friends plan to spend a week in a hotel at Daytona Beach, Florida, the average can range from as low as $65 to $200 per person. It is important to take into consideration the ratings of each hotel, the rooms and how far away from the beach you will be.

The second step in planning a successful spring break is to take into consideration where and how you plan to eat. Not only is it unhealthy, but it can become expensive to eat out every day and night during vacation. Small business owners in particular look forward to this time of the year because they know, just as well as we do, that tourists tend to spend a little more than usual on a decent meal. However, to avoid this, try shopping at a nearby market to pick up your meals and snacks for the week. This will ensure that what you are buying is worth the money and that what you are paying for will last you the amount of time necessary.  

Last but not least, save up! Try to resist spending unnecessary amounts of money on makeup, clothes and fast food. A small break from these “activities” can help build your budget to make spending money a little less stressful while away on break. The idea of spring break is to have a “break” from not only academics, but from life all together, so refrain from buying that two for $2 at McDonalds and give your piggy bank some love. Trust me, you will be thanking yourself later when you are sitting on a warm beach by the water.