Rhode Island pop punk/alternative band, No Recall, is gearing up for the release of their brand new EP, “Look At It This Way.”

Comprised of singer and rhythm guitarist Jake Harris, lead guitarist and backing vocalist Ben NeJame, bassist Phil Orsi and drummer Brody Briggs, No Recall is gaining momentum in the Providence music scene.

Guitarist NeJame, a sophomore at The University of Rhode Island studying jazz guitar performance, has been with the band since it formed more than two years ago. The group draws its influence from bands such as Pentimento, Real Friends and Foo Fighters, NeJame said.  As a jazz guitar student, he said that he personally draws influence from many jazz players.

“When I personally write songs, the influence can really come from anywhere,” NeJame explained. “Before I joined the jazz program, I didn’t listen to as much jazz as I did other genres. I’ve become influenced by jazz players like Pat Metheny, Wes Montgomery and John McLaughlin.”

When writing music, NeJame says that No Recall tends to take straightforward parts and give them unconventional twists in order to keep things interesting.

“Our songs are structured in a way where maybe the two verses of the song are over different chord progressions or something like that,” NeJame said. “So sometimes the hard part is coming up with a new part of the song that sounds new, but at the same time connects with the rest of the song and isn’t totally ‘out there.’”

No Recall’s style can be heard on their new EP, “Look At It This Way,” which is set to release on May 6. Their second release, “Look”, was recorded at No Boundaries Studios in Providence. Recorded and produced by Trophy Wives guitarist Chris Piquette, this is No Recall’s first professionally done EP, and it is much different than its first, according to NeJame.

“Looking back at it now, I still like the [older] songs; they have a sentimental value,” NeJame said. “But from a songwriting perspective, and a production standpoint, the new one is so much better, and is going to make a much bigger splash than the first EP did.”

No Recall  already released the lead single, “Open Wide,” and the band is working to build anticipation for the EP’s release. They will be playing several local shows in the coming month in order to build support and anticipation, leading to an EP release show on May 6.

Last month, No Recall made it to the semifinal round the WBRU Rock Hunt contest, which showcases local up-and-coming bands in a battle of the bands style competition. NeJame said that the contest gave No Recall some great exposure and was a great experience to be a part of, adding that it is something they would like to try again next year.

No Recall is an ambitious and talented band with a refined sound and a promising future. NeJame is a passionate musician who is eager to show exactly what No Recall is capable of, and loves the thrill of performance with the band.

“Any environment where I am playing, that is where I am at my most comfortable and most content,” NeJame said. “I love the experience of performing our music for people who have not heard it before; I like seeing how people interpret what we write. If I were to show someone a recording of us, it could be a great recording, but it is not the same thing as it would be if they were to watch us perform live.”

No Recall’s forthcoming EP, “Look at It This Way”, will come out on May 6. Find the group on Facebook for information, music and tour dates.