Some students, during their walk to class, have noticed that the American flag has been missing from the quadrangle since spring break and the bad weather is to blame.

Director of Public Safety, Stephen Baker, said that after the weather that hit the campus during spring break, one of the cables that connects the flag to the flag pole broke. “We’ve contacted a vendor that handles that for the university. We had a little trouble initially getting in touch with the vendor, and right now we just have to coordinate with them to get a lift for the university,” he said.

To voice their concerns, some students took to social media, afraid that the missing flag was to make a political statement. Ed Tarnowski, a freshman at the university, said some students reached out to him and asked what was going on. ““I wasn’t sure what the reason was. I noticed it and people had reached out to me about it,” he said, “We were worried that it was for political reasons, and to find out it was not which is very good.”

Baker said he is very pleased to hear that students are alert and paying attention to their surroundings on campus. Although officials don’t have an exact date as to when the flag will be up again, they said it will definitely be up by the commencement ceremony.