Students at URI are used to seeing Starbucks coffee around campus but all of that changed this year.

The universities dining services made the decision to start using Peet’s coffee this school year. Ram Escape, Hope Dining Hall, The Daily Grind, Rhody Market, and Butterfield Dining Hall will all serve the coffee, both cold and hot brewed. According to the Director of Dining Services, Steven Mello, URI was searching for another brand that could be provided in more than URI’s coffee retail locations.

“We had Starbucks for a while and we were looking for another solution,” said Mello. “Not only in our retail locations but we wanted to provide a premium coffee also in the dining halls.”

Dining services brought the Peet’s coffee idea to URI’s student senate last year after hearing complaints of the coffee that was offered in the dining halls. Students were looking for an equal opportunity to drink coffee that is served in all other areas of campus.

Now students can drink Peet’s coffee with any meal they have at either of the dining halls. Another plus of the Peet’s coffee addition is the cold brew coffee instead of iced coffee. Some students may think that coffee is coffee no matter what brand they are drinking with their combo meal, but, Mello believes cold brew coffee is better.

“We were looking for a product that we could change from iced coffee to cold brew because that’s the trend now,” said Mello. “It makes a much more desirable product.”

Not only does Mello hold the opinion that cold brewed coffee is better, but after an informal survey with students, dining services concluded that students like it better as well.

“So right now it seems like a win-win for the students and the university,” said Mello.

Dining services is also working on revamping areas like The Daily Grind in the library and the Rams Den in the Memorial Union. Each place will carry Peet’s coffee and give students another area to sit, enjoy a cold or hot brew drink, study, or relax on campus.