In this week’s meeting of the University of Rhode Island’s Student Senate, the Finance Committee Chair Zachary Taylor had much to say during public forum regarding the resignation of Senate members and the atmosphere in the Senate chambers.

During this term, there have been 13 general Senate member resignations and five executive member resignations. This number has surpassed records for resignations in a given Senate term according to President Adriana Wilding.

Chair Taylor said, “It is no secret that remaining a member of this organization is a challenge for some.”

He addresses the “clique-ish” nature among those in Senate and “challenges [senators] to talk to other people” within the organization. Chair Taylor also stressed that “[Senate] needs to do more than change policy that does no good for students” and that the energy devoted during meetings to address “drama and bylaws” should be spent on issues that affect the student body. Vice President Tristram Howard also addressed his disappointment at the atmosphere in the Senate as of late.

There were nominations during the meeting for Director of Communications and for Delegates of the Constitutional Convention. Nicolette St. Amand was nominated by President Wilding for Director of Communications. Senator Joseph Lachance, Campus Committee Chair Mark Gall, Senator Roseanne Leach, Senator Daniel Baglini, Senator John Bagley and Senator Ryan Menard were all nominated as Delegates of the Constitutional Convention.

It was moved by Senator Baglini during the meeting to ratify the election results from last week’s meeting. This motion passed and Johanna Morris was sworn in as the College of Health Sciences Representative.

Campus Affairs Committee Chair Mark Gall and Cultural Affairs Committee Chair Jennifer Kohl will be meeting with the Director of Disability Services along with other general Senate members to address handicap accessibility on campus.