Everyone has a favorite place to study and finish homework outside of their dorm room. There are many spots throughout campus that fit each individual’s needs for the ideal study environment. It can be helpful to get out of the dorm and have a specific place to go dedicated to studying and completing work, just as these students do.  

Freshman Rylee Cowie, a nursing major, shared that the library is her favorite place to study.

“It is a quiet learning environment where I can meet up with others and share ideas in study groups,” Cowie said. “I prefer the library to my dorm because it’s easier to focus there and study alone. It’s also very convenient that it’s accessible at all hours of the day.”

The majority of people that were asked preferred studying at the library over any other place on campus. Between the 24-hour study room and the overall silent environment, the library is the ideal place to concentrate on the task at hand.

 The Quad is also a favorite among a majority of students. Just passing by, a good number of students can be seen sitting against trees, laying on the grass or sitting on benches completing their homework alone or with friends while getting some fresh air. 

 “I like the Quad because I enjoy studying in nature,”Alex Moura, a freshman biology major said. “The background noise is peaceful and makes it relaxing. It’s very zen.” 

Sometimes, stopping by a place to eat while studying makes everything a little easier to power through it all.  

 “The Memorial Union is the best place to study, right outside the Ram’s Den,” Wajiha Alam, a freshman criminology and criminal justice major said. “It’s not too quiet and very comfortable to study at while having snacks.”

 Like Alam, Meghan Collins, a freshman who is currently undecided, finds herself studying where there is food accessible, studying right outside of Dunkin’ Donuts in the Memorial Union most of the time. 

 “I like that it’s more of an isolated area and there’s a coffee place right next to me in case I need coffee to recharge,” Collins said of her ideal study spot.

Dunkin’ Donuts is one of the hotspots on campus for students to grab a coffee to get them through the day, and Collins says she sees others taking advantage of the popular spot to study just like her.

Freshman Abbey Pierce, who is majoring in criminology and criminal justice, finds that the best place for her to study on campus is in the lounge area of the Rhody Market.

      “In the lounge it’s more quiet and there’s food right at the Rhody Market or dining hall if I get hungry,” Pierce said. “I can quickly get food and then get right back to studying.” 

Living in a living learning community (LLC) can also be very beneficial while studying because everyone of the same major is in the same place and it’s easy to get together and form study groups.

Tess Carmel, a freshman nursing major, enjoys studying in the study lounge down the hall of her dorm in Heathman Hall because “it’s close to [her] room and all of the nursing majors are in [her] dorm so it’s easy to get help and study together.”

  There are endless areas throughout campus to study, so next time you’re thinking of staying in and studying in your dorm, get out there and explore a new spot! Or, take these students’ opinions into consideration and check out one of their study environments; who knows, you might just find your new favorite place.