Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” is already back in the top 50 on the music charts, as of Nov. 4 Starbucks holiday cups can be seen in students’ hands across campus and Christmas decorations are already in stores. 

With this being said, one of the biggest debates at the moment is whether we start the Christmas season too soon. Some feel that Thanksgiving is being overlooked, while others are eager to start celebrating Christmas as quickly as possible. 

So, when should the Christmas season really start?

“I think it’s okay for Christmas to be celebrated before Thanksgiving,” freshman Sam Bishop said. “People can do what they want and have their own traditions, but I personally start celebrating in December.”

Unlike Bishop, freshman Jacob Tracey feels very strongly that the Christmas season should not start before Thanksgiving.

“Beginning it before Thanksgiving takes away from how special that holiday is supposed to be, which is a disservice to the country and its history,” said Tracey, “Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and something that I look forward to every year.”

Freshman Alex Moura agreed that people should pay attention to Thanksgiving before diving into the holiday season. Aryana Khun, also a freshman, also felt that Thanksgiving is being overlooked.

“I think the season seems to start earlier and earlier every year to the point that it’s as if we jump from Halloween to Christmas,” Khun said. “While Thanksgiving isn’t my favorite holiday or something I celebrate as heavily as others might, it feels too soon to celebrate Christmas. I celebrate after Thanksgiving as Black Friday seems to welcome in the new holiday season, per say.”

Some, like freshman Rylee Cowie, have already seen people putting up Christmas decorations. While driving around this weekend, I even saw a few houses that have already put up their Christmas lights. 

“I saw someone putting up a Christmas tree yesterday, which I think is way too early,” Cowie said. “I think it should be celebrated right after Thanksgiving, because Thanksgiving should be celebrated too. People could be getting in the spirit by listening to music, but decorating such as with a tree and stockings above the fireplace is a bit too early.”

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and means of celebrating, but I personally start celebrating Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. I feel as though Thanksgiving should be celebrated on it’s own. But, the day after Thanksgiving, the tree gets decorated, lights and stockings go up and joyous Christmas music gets played.  

After hearing everyone’s opinions and seeing peoples’ traditions over the years, it’s safe to say that most agree that the Christmas season should be celebrated after Thanksgiving or in December. Although, I do notice that closer to Thanksgiving, Christmas lights start appearing. 

So, when do you start celebrating? Are you one to start blasting Christmas music right after Halloween, or wait until Black Friday? Everyone’s time of celebration is different, but we do it brings us all together, and that’s what makes up the spirit of Christmas.