Some students enjoy studying while listening to music, while others find that it makes it challenging to focus. Photo By Greg Clark

Everyone has different study habits, and with final exams right around the corner, students can use all the studying tips and tricks they can get as they cram for their final tests of the semester. Some students find it effective to listen to music while studying, while others prefer to go without it. Students across campus shared what they believe is the best kind of music to listen to when studying, and whether or not they believe music helps to retain information. 

Meghan Collins, a freshman, does her homework to the rhythm of the songs she listens to. 

“I love studying with music,” Collins said. “I think it’s beneficial because the beat of the song motivates me to focus and do my homework to that beat.”

Freshman Jacob Tracey also prefers to study with music, because it helps to prevent outside distractions and helps him stay focused on the task at hand. 

“I usually listen to anything that relates to my mood that day, but I try to stay away from rap music because I tend to pay too much attention to the words and that distracts me from studying,” Tracey said. 

Freshman Austin Marques disagreed with both Collins and Tracey, as he said that he more often than not cannot study with music because it distracts him from what he is working on. 

“Usually I study with no music, but if I do it would be something with a chill vibe, not hip hop or anything too loud or fast paced,” Marques said.

Freshman Rylee Cowie agreed with Marques and Collins, and also prefers studying without music. Crowie explained that she has a hard time studying and listening to music simultaneously.

“I like being in a quiet environment with no TV or background noise,” Cowie said. “That’s how I learn best.”

Wajiha Alam, a freshman, disagrees with Cowie and finds studying with music to be very beneficial to her. Alam said that instrumental music helps her concentrate, personally.

Freshman Tess Carmel said she sometimes studies with music, and other times goes without. 

            “Most of the time I just listen to some soft and quiet music so it doesn’t distract me too much,” said Carmel.  “I don’t always do this though, sometimes I would rather study in silence if I don’t understand the material as well as I could.”

Overall, there are mixed feelings among students across campus on whether they enjoy studying with or without music. With these differing opinions, remember to do what is best for you during this stressful time of finals in order to push through and achieve your highest potential on your exams.