Hello my beautiful honeysuckle darlings. I hope your semesters began with an abundance of good fortune and your skin is soaking in all of the delicious omega-3 fatty acids you are hopefully all eating or taking a supplement of.

Spring semester always offers a lot of exciting new experiences, like new people entering your life or discovering your inner chaotic good alignment. As the trees begin to bud and the sun starts shining on a more regular basis, the vibes around campus become ones of dreaming about the scent of fresh cantaloupe and morning dew; less about the doom of our lives as we inevitably age and form new wrinkles on our faces. 

Seeing that the spring semester is now in full swing, I am here to be the oracle of ambiguous enlightenment for your Thursday morning, or whatever time and day you decide to read this. Despite the positivity I am casting onto you all, it is February. So despite the warm weather we have all been experiencing, seasonal depression disappearing from the back of our psychies was for naught, so let’s embrace it!

With this in mind, it is my advice to begin each morning by staring into the void as you slowly sip your coffee and eat your blackberries, just to get yourself on track. After you have looked into the depths of the void for however long you must (it is different for everyone and unique to each day!), I would like to encourage you all to manifest your goals for the upcoming days, weeks, months or even years. 

Starting by defining your goals, desires or what you deem as an unattainable dream is always a great place. Let your mind wander and whatever it lands on, start there. Perhaps you are trying to manifest an internship for the summer, a creative flow for your artistic endeavors or for the beautiful human you have been seeing around campus all year to fall in love with you. 

Honestly, your manifestations can be whatever you want, as much as you want and however intense is appropriate for you. However, I do ask that you make them kind and filled with a certain amount of love for yourself and others. Basically, please no voodoo doll shenanigans or getting even with your evil ex-roommate from last semester. 

There are many ways to manifest something for yourself and each person has a unique approach to it, so how it works for others may not work for you. Experimentation is key. One may find that staring into a candle while thinking about your manifestations is an acceptable measure, while others may find it more rewarding to write one’s manifestations down on a piece of paper and burn it, tear it up and flush it down a toilet. 

While it metaphorically seems that manifestations would not come true if you flushed your written manifestations down the toilet, I tried this and they happened to work. The inventors of modern-day plumbing see us and are loving the fact that we are putting our energy towards good for ourselves and others with our manifestations! 

However, if you do not want to be as dramatic as I have been, I truly believe that you can simply focus your energy and individual power to strengthen your ability to accomplish your manifestations. Manifestation is simply putting your thoughts into actions. The laws of attraction and self-fulfilling prophecies state that what we focus our thoughts on will become reality, and while that may be slightly arbitrary, it is fun and exciting. In other words, there is no harm in focusing your energy towards good for yourself and others, so there is no reason to not embark on this journey.