Hello to all of the lovely humans bursting with love and adoration for periwinkles and seahorses! I hope you have all had a most blessed week and are ready to get into the move-and-groove of reading my slightly manic and chaotic statements.

Speaking of chaos, what have you done this week to embrace your chaotic self? Have you met one of your friends in the Beaupre parking lot at exactly 11:59 to exchange a quarter and pair of gloves? Have you vibed next to a dumpster under the moonlight this week? Have you heisted 10 cookies out of the dining hall “for later?” If you have more suggestions of random activities, please leave comments or write to our friendly social media accounts. 

I have recently been asked how one begins to embrace their true self on social media and how I come up with the content that I produce on my social media, because apparently it is… “wild.” Whether it is posting about how each morning I wake up to the view of food remains from Hope Dining Hall being dumped into a large recycling truck, a squash smashed on a basketball court or an image of carrots overflowing from a washing machine, over the course of the past year, I have decided to embrace the inner workings of my mind and post about them on my social media accounts – for my personal records.

For example, a few weeks ago I was sitting in my room rummaging through my backpack and pulled out a kiwi that had been sitting in my backpack for a good golly amount of time. Thankfully, the kiwi had not turned to rot yet and instead was a little wrinkled in some places while hard in others. 

To catch the unripe parts of the kiwi up to speed with the rest of the fruit’s body, I decided to “roast” the kiwi over an open flame. Now obviously if you are in a dorm room, do not light a fire in any way shape or form, that would be very illegal. Go outside, to a friends room off campus, in your own abode, or literally anywhere else and do it! 

While I was holding the kiwi over the flame with a fork, I ceased all care for what people would think or perceive of me, snapped a photo, wrote out my thoughts and hit post.

The key to producing this kind of content is to cease all brain functions while also embracing every thought you have had over the past day or so. The majority of the time as I am walking around campus or sitting in my room dreaming about the desert cacti, the neurons in my brain are also saying “sd%bfkdb#Fh4Sqpk9*g” to each other. That, my friends, is how I carefully think out each post I produce for my social media accounts. 

This may come more naturally to some more than others. However, I feel as though everyone has it in them to a degree.

On that note, I hope you all embrace the “sd%bfkdb#Fh4Sqpk9*g” thoughts within your head, and post about all of your wild ideas and moments throughout the day on your social media! I thoroughly enjoy seeing what people are up to with their lives and hope you all embrace your true self on your accounts, even if it is simply for your personal records.