Good day my rays of glistening moonbeams. Although I do not know who you are, I just have a feeling deep below my epidermis that you are looking especially beautiful today. Your skin is glowing, your hair smells like the morning dew on a warm spring day but most importantly, your heart is beating at a steady pace and the vibrations you are putting into the universe are ones of kindness and happiness. 

Speaking of vibrations, have you felt those of yearning and tenderness that only come when you develop a new crush and possible romantic interest recently? 

Meeting new people can be difficult in college, let alone those who have a mutual attraction and romantic interest in one another. On top of this, meeting new people and dating in college during a pandemic is just comical. I’m sure anyone who cares about their personal well-being and their peers has questions of if it is safe to meet up with anyone new, and that’s before thinking about swapping saliva with another human.

Okay okay, let us backup. We’re getting ahead of ourselves by just assuming that the possibility of being that close face-to-face with someone is in the books. First we have to meet someone of interest! 

Gone are the days when you could meet people by sitting across someone at the high-top tables in Butterfield Dining hall asking them if they lived in the same building as you, or sitting next to a person, again, at the high-top tables in Butterfield Dining Hall, and asking them what cool design was on their sweatshirt. Is it just me or did the high top tables at Butterfield bring people together? 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, ripsticking around campus late at night and running into a sk8er boi who you hit things off with is a great way to meet someone new and honestly the chances of that occurring are higher than you might expect. And basing these all off of ways my friends and I have met a few of the people we ended being interested in and hanging out with or actually dating for a period in time, holding a door open for someone and finding them on Tinder knowing that you are only on the app to find them and only them is a good way to meet a probable significant other. 

Speaking of Tinder, while the app and other apps of similar stature have a reputation for only housing those who are into the college hookup cultural scene, there are also people on the app who are looking for a stable relationship. Many people have been successful in this search. Yes, it may take a significant amount of time to weed through the good, the bad and the ugly, but what else are you doing on a weekend night during a pandemic?  

If you’re looking for more traditional ways to meet people, joining a new club, shooting your shot through a private chat during an online meeting or having a friend who is sociable and introduces you to the new people they’ve met are more solid forms of sparking interest with someone. 

While I search my head for the best suggestions for all of you lovely humans, I feel as though it’s important to say that meeting new people who end up significantly impacting your life typically does not happen until you least expect it. 

Have a constant mindset of having no expectations while continuing to be friendly and open to new experiences. Align your chakras with your highest self and open your vibrations up to love. Step out of your comfort zone. Do something that makes you uncomfortable. Walk a new way to class or go to a new coffee shop. You never know who you may meet. The possibilities are endless.