Hello my lovely warm specs of rock dust, my granule of soil in a star-nosed mole’s underground abode, my carbon dioxide biome floating through the atmosphere. I hope you all had a lovely rest and are ready to take on this day, night, whatever time it may be for you.

Have you experienced any strange phenomena recently, my dreamy homosapiens? Aside from it being an amazing song by Kate Bush, in this context, let us define “strange phenomena” as a situation that is observed to exist or to be experienced that is odd, unexplainable or peculiar. 

So let me clarify that in human terms. Have you ever experienced something along the lines of thinking of a person for the first time in a while and then seeing them the next day? Or maybe you see a word or pattern of numbers a few times in a short period of time? Or maybe you have a feeling, a premonition, that something will occur and then it does? If so, these are strange phenomena! 

I feel slightly psychic saying this, or maybe psychotic, but I feel as though I experience strange phenomena often. Recently, I have been probed with the question of if these experiences are actually strange phenomena or if they are just the world turning, having no deeper meaning than the fact that it occurred? Are these coincidental signs or are they simply not meant to be read into? And does it even matter? 

Well my bewitching cloud air molecules in human form, I have been doing some digging, researching my personal patterns of premonitions as well as those of friends and family, working the scientific theorem to uncover the truth. 

My personal evidence lies in a few key scenarios that stand out to me, such as the time a few weeks ago when I was saying to myself that it was only a matter of time until I saw a specific person outside of the university setting that I knew them in, and I had a feeling that I would see them as they are going on about their normal life completed unrelated to our lovely college. Flash forward to the next day less than 24 hours later and bam! I see them mowing their lawn as I was driving. 

Other times it’s less dramatic, such as the time the word “machine” appeared to me in three different contexts from three different sources in a matter of hours, or when I had an inkling in the wrinkles of my frontal lobe that I would see a cardinal perched on a bush on a specific day, which indeed occurred. These are only a few examples, but you get the idea.

I can never truly tell if these strange phenomena are actually premonitions or if I manifested them just by thinking they will occur. Do manifestations and premonitions lay in the same pool of unexplainable elucidations? Does anything I am saying even make sense? I believe that while strange phenomena and manifestations may work hand in hand with each other, they are two different aspects of life that we are not supposed to know answers to!

I hope you all are able to go out into the world and experience strange phenomena that excite you and make you also believe in this higher being of curiosity that may have no real meaning or may change your life! Maybe after you read this article you will encounter some strange coincidences. It is up to you to determine for yourself what the universe may be trying to tell you, if anything!