Greetings shimmering speckles of stardust. Are you feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the last few weeks of school and finals after having a few days off? If so, congratulations! Please share how you do it. If you’re feeling like you will be perpetually burnt out by every Tuesday afternoon for the rest of your life, cheers mate, me too. Either way, even if I don’t know where the rubrics for my final projects are located on Brightspace or what I’m supposed to be doing next semester, I know that Co-Star and Astro Poets will have my back to let me know what’s going on in my world.
If you exist in this world, I am sure at some point in time you have heard of Co-Star, an app that personalizes horoscopes for you based on your entire birth chart and not just your sun sign. If these words sound foreign to you, it also provides a guide to your birth chart, what each planet and what sign in it means, as well as using historical astrological charts, NASA data and professional astrologers to provide users with hyper-personalized readings. Whether you believe in astrology or not, the app is fun and gives you cool daily horoscopes such as “you have baggage that is never going to go away” and “ask people how they don’t feel dead inside.”
On the other end, if you exist in the Twittersphere, Astro Poets is an account run by two astrologers and poets who provide users with weekly horoscopes that are vague, only slightly able to be deciphered and usually filled with incorrect grammar. Either way, they say things like, “a pink light will be found in a forest, do not let the feeling escape it,” or something else that’s quirky and cool and makes you feel like something ethereal will happen to you.
I say all this without even asking if you all believe in astrology. How rude of me! Well folks, it’s the age old question every someone whose someone may ponder at some point in time: do you believe in astrology? You can answer with a yes, no or an -ish; I won’t make you be definite in your answer because personally, as a Libra, I know that I am unable to make decisions, or at least I think that’s what I think.
Okay but let’s be real here for a second, astrology is really so much more than just your sun sign, i.e. Virgo, Aries, Scorpio, etc. Your chart and what astrology means for you is also based on what sign all of the planets were in when you were born, as well as what house they were in. So for example, if you have a Taurus moon in the second house then the way you express your emotions, unconscious decisions and the self image you have of yourself will lean towards aspects of a Taurus, and with it in your second house, you may be a restless person.
I am unable to explain what everything means here and now, and honestly, descriptions of what everything means for you and others based on birth charts, designed and explained by professional astrologers would be much easier to understand I am sure.
Perhaps it makes me less credible, but I truly do believe that astrology has the possibility to be a real factor in the personalities of every human being. Who’s to say that the way the planets and stars and compacted trash cubes in outer space were aligned the second you exited the womb doesn’t have an impact on the way your personality is innately shaped? In my opinion, there is no solid evidence to back up astrology being real or unreal and therefore there is no way to rule it out as a source of our molecules combining into us being ourselves.
My opinion may be impacted by the fact that I fit into basically every Libra characteristic and because outer space is so beautiful and life would be nothing with the moon, but either way, you should find out the time and place of your birth, get your birth chart and find out what it all means for you. Oh and send me the information so I can see how compatible we are … just kidding, maybe!
While astrology can be a super fun and an interesting aspect of life to absorb, I believe that one should never judge someone solely based on their astrological sign or birth chart. That is, unless you’re thinking about dating a guy who is an Aquarius and the past three guys you’ve seen have also been Aquariuses, maybe rethink, but that’s up to you chap. Oh and before I forget, really please do send me your birth chart even if I don’t know you, I love information.