Mt. Joy played “Silver Lining” and others in front of an audience in Providence on Dec. 2. PHOTO CREDIT: Maddie Bataille

After two long years, I have experienced live music again for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. 

On Thursday, Dec. 2, I saw Mt. Joy live at The Strand in Providence. Mt. Joy is a band that has been in my Spotify Wrapped top artists for the past few years, and after the release of Spotify Wrapped 2021 I got to experience my number one song of the year (“Silver Lining”) in person.

The whole show I was waiting for the moment when I would hear the opening chords to my favorite song that represented my year. 

The wait was worth it. The most recent opening act, Amy Allen, joined them on Nov. 30 in New York. Allen has written songs for artists like Harry Styles, Halsey and Selena Gomez. She has an incredible voice, and plays indie rock or indie pop music. 

Mt. Joy played songs that spanned from their debut 2018 self-titled album to their newest releases, all of which are fan favorites. 

The feeling of singing the lyrics that got you through quarantine after two years of no concerts with a room full of people who love the same band as you was euphoric. 

Some of the songs that everyone was singing and dancing along to were songs like “Strangers,” “Sheep” and “Julia” but after the set was over, and with “Silver Lining” not having been played yet, the audience shouted for one more song. 

The band returned to the stage and said a few words before they played again. The night ended with “Silver Lining.”

I am so grateful that I got to see one of my favorite bands play so close to me as well. 

I remember looking at tickets to see Mt. Joy opened for the Lumineers back in early 2020. It is interesting to see how they have gained enough of their own fanbase to have their own tour. 

Not to mention, I have been holding onto my tickets since August after a conversation with my father. I remember sitting with my father towards the end of summer outside on our patio. One of Mt. Joy’s songs came on and I had mentioned I would love to see the group in concert. My dad said something so simply that apparently had not crossed my mind. He said, “check if they are touring.” 

So I did just that, and with the date set in Providence, I was so happy that the band would be coming to Rhode Island. 

I immediately bought two tickets and figured I’d find a friend to go with later. A little over three months later, I got to see them perform. 

I had missed concerts so much over the pandemic, but I had also forgotten how cool concerts are when they are played at smaller venues such as The Strand. 

Smaller venues create a feeling that you are not only just physically closer to the band, but it makes you feel like you are connected to them. 

I think it also lets the listener connect to the music more. When you listen to an artist a lot, it starts to feel like they are a part of your life. Their songs become memories of your friendships. 

Performances are like reunions and I think after the world being shut down for so long, everyone is excited to be reunited.