Autumn Walter

Autumn Walter
Autumn is in her senior year studying communications and photography. She has been working with the Cigar for eight semesters and has photographed for all sections of the paper. Outside of the Cigar, she works as the historian for the Delta Phi Eplison sorority and participates as an active sister. She hopes to work in the field of sports photography after graduation in 2020. To see more of Autumn's photos, check out her Instagram @akwalter.photographs
Senior staff photographer Autumn Walter enjoys taking photos of the school’s sporting events. Photo by Kayla Michaud. The University of Rhode Island holds great pride in its sports teams, and for the last four years, I had a courtside view. 
The University of Rhode Island’s Fine Arts building hosts the exhibit “Transitions Considered” by URI professor Richard Whitten, in the main gallery. The exhibit showcases three themes including architectural spaces, invented machinery and games with in the art work. The exhibit opened Wednesday Nov. 15. Whitten was there and gave...
When you first meet someone, it is a long and arduous process to have to share your phone number, Snapchat and Instagram. Tap, a new social media and contact sharing platform, is looking to change that. The app allows a person to share their contact information with just a...