Jason Phillips

Long live the Cigar!

PHOTO CREDIT: Maddie Bataille| Photo Editor Since September 2, 2019, my life has been dominated by one thing: the Good Five Cent Cigar. That was the first Cigar meeting I ever attended. It was only my second week at the University of Rhode Island, and though I would never have admitted it, I was lonely…

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Strike a pose

TMD students showcase designs at ‘Spring Splash’ fashion show To showcase TMD students’ work over their time as students, the department held a fashion show which was a splash for all. PHOTO CREDIT: James Singer | Photo Editor Emeritus “The Divine Feminine” by Mac Miller was channeled through a pink dress strutting down the runway…

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Craig Silverman discusses differences between misinformation, disinformation in keynote address

How To Be a Media Literate Citizen: “The Role of Researchers, Journalists, and Students in the World of Heightened Disinformation, Conspiracy Theories, and Hate.” PHOTO CREDIT: Global Investigative Journalism Network Misinformation and disinformation are not new issues, but in an increasingly connected world, disinformation is a rapidly growing industry. Craig Silverman, a reporter for ProPublica…

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