On Monday night, another threatening note was found in Eddy Hall.

Much like the two bomb threat notes that were found over the last two weeks, this note threatened the safety of residents in the building. The typed note stated that the writer had “killed someone in the building.” It continued on to target a “sweet girl” on the fourth floor. The note ended with “better find her before I do.”

Major Michael Jagoda said that they are investigating the new threat, as well as still having active investigations into the bomb threats. He said that they are logistically different so they are separate investigations, but since it is in one location it is being looked up in its entirety.

He said that they haven’t determined if the notes all come from the same source but are actively looking into it.

“[We] will leave no stone unturned,” Jagoda said about the investigations.

In response to the notes found in the building, Eddy Hall Director, Mary Lee Paola sent out an email informing students about the bomb threats that the URI police are investigating. It also said that the new note that was found was immediately looked into by URI Police. While there “appears to be no credible threat,” according to the email, “these actions do violate state law and the person(s) responsible will be charged if identified.”

She added that these types of notes are “not a prank but a crime that can have life-altering consequences for those responsible.”

“I am scared that something will happen, but it’s not good to live in fear,” said Kelly Labossiere, a sophomore living in Eddy Hall. “You just have to take it one day at a time and if you see something you feel is suspicious, report it.”

Labossiere also said after this email went out, many people were drawing connections to the first two bomb threats.

“I personally feel if there is a threat to our safety, we should be notified immediately about the situation,” she said. “Living on campus should be a completely safe thing, and I understand that you cannot control people’s actions who want to spread fear by doing things like leaving notes threatening residents’ safety, but we should be informed if there is a threat to our personal safety.”

Major Jagoda also said that the police are now doing active patrols in the Eddy Hall area as a precaution.

Anyone with information related to any of the incidents should contact the URI Police at 401-874-2121.