Spotify and Apple Music are neck-in-neck as the most popular music streaming services. Graphic by James McIntosh.

Music is the perfect way to give yourself a boost or calm some nerves, whether you’re walking to class, cleaning your dorm or studying for a big exam. But it’s time to settle one of the greatest modern music debates: Spotify or Apple Music?

Both of these streaming platforms have their benefits, many of which are uniform between the two. Components such as standard monthly fees and music availability are virtually identical for Spotify and Apple Music. 

The similarities aren’t what draws students to either platform; what matters is how they stand out. 

Spotify, for instance, creates playlists automatically based on which artists you listen to the most. This might appeal to listeners who love to discover new music. Meanwhile, one of Apple Music’s most distinct customization features is that users are able to choose which categories to be displayed on their library for easy access to their favorite genres, albums, and more.

Nevertheless, opinions about each platform are strong. Freshman Augustina Munter is a Spotify devotee due to the accessories that come with her monthly subscription.

“I like to see what my friends are listening to, and we can share music better,” Munter said. “I’ve never used other platforms, but I just really like the vibe.”

Freshman Brian Dunbar, another Spotify user, enjoys the perks of being a Premium member which includes unlimited skips, no ad interruptions and the ability to download music at no additional cost. 

For Apple Music users, convenience seems to be the key. Those who prefer this platform typically switched over directly from iTunes and never turned back.

“Since I always had music on iTunes, Apple Music was a free trial and I decided to try it,” freshman Grace McGrath said. “I just never switched over to Spotify.”

Sophomore Sydney Joyce, chooses not to pick sides. Instead, she uses both Spotify and Apple Music to stream her favorite tunes. Joyce believes that the benefits of both platforms are significant, which contributes to her reasoning of being a dual user. 

“I like Apple Music because all of my friends are on it, and then I like Spotify because I have my saved playlists from 2016,” Joyce said. 

Surprisingly enough, some students prefer neither Spotify nor Apple Music: they find themselves using YouTube for their streaming needs. Litzy Feliz and Maria Rosario find that YouTube’s visual effects provide a leg up from the more popular services.

“YouTube is my main one,” Rosario said. “There are music videos, and the right music is always there.”

Whether you use Spotify, Apple Music, or other streaming services, each has their own advantages, so this debate may never be truly settled.