Seventeen releases ‘Super’ awesome 10th mini album ‘FML’

K-pop band, Seventeen released their newest album “FML” on Monday. PHOTO CREDIT: Billboard

Seventeen released their 10th mini album “FML,” and it is absolutely divine. There are six new tracks on this album, and it also has two title tracks.

The two title tracks are “F*ck My Life” and “Super.” The music video for “Super” came out at 5am Monday morning, and the music video for “F*ck My Life” will be released on May 7. 

This album surpassed Adele’s “25” album and is now the fastest selling album in the global music industry, which I and all Carats, the name of their fans, are very proud of. It also quickly climbed the charts in Korea for most pre-orders and purchases of the physical version as well.

Seventeen has come such a long way since their debut on May 26, 2015. Having a total of 10 mini albums, four full albums, three repackage albums and three Japanese EP’s, Seventeen has a vast, original and unique discography. 

A little background on Seventeen for those who don’t know or for those who didn’t read my last album review by Seventeen: Seventeen as a band themselves is one of the most unique bands, having a total of 13 members and three leaders. 

Now, let’s get into this album!

“Super” is my favorite song off of this album hands down. When I heard the teaser of it and saw the teaser for the music video I knew it was going to be a hit. Everything about this song and music video was heavenly. Choreography was insane, all of them moved so fluidly and were in perfect sync with each other. The beat of this song was really cool too, it was like a techno string instrument sound that I love so much. I also really liked the outfits and theme for this music video as well. The production of everything was just flawless.

Wonwoo starting off the song was an absolutely excellent choice. He didn’t even sing for two seconds before I paused and almost screamed at how good it was. His intro set the mood for the rest of the song and it did not disappoint. Jeonghan also surprised me because he has a rap verse in the song that I was not expecting at all, but I enjoy thoroughly listening to.

Joshua and Mingyu’s parts are my favorite when they go, “Da-rum-da-rim-da, Hop on our cloud and get all around (Hey), Da-rum-da-rim-da, So that we can proudly stand tall (Hey), Da-rum-da-rim-da, Let’s move on to the next world, go, Catch this rhythm and flow.” 

This is translated from Korean to English by the way. “Super” belongs in an intense action movie and I will advocate for it to be in the next Marvel or DC superhero movie. 

“April Shower” is my second favorite off of the album and it’s so poetic and beautiful. Someone on Twitter posted an English translation of the lyrics and they’re lovely. Of course, I could tell just by the sound of the song that it was a very sweet and emotional song. I really don’t have a favorite part sung by any of the members in particular. I do love the bridge of this song and the chorus as well. I love every aspect of this song and all 13 of them sounded so enchanting on this track.

“F*ck My Life” sounds like an old school hip-hop song because of the background music. This song has a very sad meaning and message to it, but at the same time, I really like it. The chorus is super catchy and honestly it’s just a song that you vibe to. This is a song that you wave your flashlight to at a concert while simultaneously screaming the lyrics along with the performer, which I hope to do if Seventeen goes on tour this year. 

“Fire” is performed by the Hip-Hop Team, S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu and Vernon. This song might be one of their best songs as a unit in my opinion. It is so catchy and so clever in terms of the lyrics. My favorite part is in Vernon’s rap verse when he says, “We’ve been touring domes now, Haven’t you heard it now?, Stadium tours too, hey.” 

Now, I may be delusional or overthinking it, but I’ve seen other fans come up with the same theory that this lyric is hinting at another world tour. But, I’ll just sit and wait to see what happens in terms of tour announcements. Other than that, I love this song a lot!

“I Don’t Understand But I Luv You” has a very special meaning to it. This song is performed by the Performance Team, Jun, Hoshi, The8 and Dino. The title of this song comes from a comment that was read during a live countdown video on YouTube for their single “Darl+ing” back in 2022. Hoshi was reading the comments and caught that one from an international Carat and was really touched by it.

The entire band talked about how a lot of international Carats don’t understand them because they don’t know Korean, but they still love Seventeen so much. Hoshi even mentioned that that comment would make great lyrics to a song. So, when this album came out, Hoshi told Woozi and Bumzu, their other producer, that he wanted the performance team’s song to be titled “I Don’t Understand But I Luv You.” 

They may not be the Vocal Team, but their voices were absolutely enchanting. This song was like listening to a romantic lullaby. The chorus is so addicting and Hoshi and Dino’s back-to-back rap verse was so smooth. Jun and Minghao really shined and were so amazing on this track as well with their singing.

“Dust” is performed by the Vocal Team, Jeonghan, Joshua, Woozi, DK and Seungkwan. Something about Seventeen’s vocal team is that they have one of the most stable and strongest voices in the K-Pop industry. All 13 of the members have great singing voices, but these five are just out of this world. This song is so fun and upbeat, it sounds like a summer party song. All five of their voices on this song flow so smoothly together and this song is just so addicting. Again, I really like the chorus of this song, I thought it was so energetic and fun!

Seventeen never disappoints with their music, choreography, rapping, style, production and everything else that they do. They are one of the biggest groups in K-Pop and they deserve so much love, support and recognition for their amazing hard work!