Nolan Reilly

I love writing for the Cigar because I have a huge passion and love for all things sports. Writing has also always been a passion of mine so doing both is the best use of my time.

Valentine’s Day for, with the homies

Let’s be honest, college kids’ forte isn’t exactly extravagant or costly romantic gestures. Not everyone has the pleasure of being romantically involved with someone as well. So if you’re looking for a ballin’-on-a-budget deal, or some low stakes fun this Valentine’s Day, look no further than some advice from your two favorite Cigar editors. Picturesque…

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2/6/2020 Newscast

Check out our first newscast of the decade! – – – OLLI: Written, shot, and edited by Kayla Michaud Novel Coronavirus: Written, shot, and edited by Leah Crowley Campus Chatter: Shot and edited by Nicole Wagner Rhody Sports Corner: Written and edited by Nolan Reilly Shot by Ian Weiner and James Singer Tech Crew: Imani…

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