Senior Tali Winter sang at the Fine Arts Center on Sunday for her winter recital. Photo by Greg Clark.

Senior Tali Winter performed her classical vocal recital this past Sunday afternoon at the Fine Arts Center.

The recital was part of a requirement for her music education degree at the University of Rhode Island. Winter’s recital featured a wide range of classical music composed between the years of the early 1700s to 1997 over the course of approximately one hour.

  Winter has been involved in a variety of musical groups including choirs, acapella groups and musicals throughout her high school and college career prior to her recital. She compiled a versatile classical music program for her recital that included songs from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Morten Lauridsen and Eric Whitacre. The program was performed for an audience of Winter’s friends, family and fellow music majors.

  Winter sang the lyrics of the songs within her recital in their original language of Italian for the Mozart Songs “L’ho perduta,” “Un moto di gioja” and “Verdrai carino.” The concert program was well organized with the multiple songs from one artist performed right after one another along with a brief intermission between every third composition.  

  After the performance, one of the main topics discussed was about the practice and planning that goes into performing senior recitals.  

  Sophomore vocal performance major Makayla Lane supported Winter while she prepared for the recital. Lane is already planning her own recital because of all the work required for the event.

  “I worked stage for her,” said Lane “I was back there before the concert making sure she was calm and collected. She is just a very good friend of mine so I was just here to support her mainly.”

  The recital audience was very impressed by the near operatic vocals of Winter who received support by her fellow classmates.

  “I thought she did a very beautiful performance,” said Lane. “I thought she handled every song beautifully and I am very proud of her.”

  Every song within the recital showcased the vocal range of Winter in a different aspect.  Lane explained all of the practice and planning that goes into being prepared for a recital.

  “It is months and months of prep,” said Lane. “You start planning your recital two semesters in advance.”

  Senior music major Elise Felker was impressed by Winter’s recital as well. Her recital occurred just the day before Winter and they have both been planning for this moment for the past four years of studies.

“You are kind of gearing up to the recital all four years because you are doing rep from freshman year to senior year and then you resurrect that repertoire to do in your senior recital,” said Felker.

Aside from the constant preparation that music majors go through, Winter and Felker had to remember to introduce a variety of classical music into her own recital program.

  “It is mainly classical but a lot of times the performer will do one musical theater song,” said Felker. “It all depends on your voice type and whether you collaborate a lot with other people.”

Winter applied a variety of songs to her recital program in order to showcase her vocal talent and dedication to the music program at URI. With the help from the musician collaborations of Cheryl Casola on piano and Gia Antolini as a guest violinist, Winter completed her senior recital with both applause and recognition from the audience.